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By ceejaybassist Saturday

How to configure static route settings to access my bridged ISP modem?

It may seem like this question is out of topic but... Is there any way to access my ISP bridged modem using the static route settings? How to properly configure it? Since the ISP modem is in bridge mo
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By CCDan Friday

ROUTER detected ARP conflict and dropped 2 packets

[osg:Router MAC] detected ARP conflict and dropped 2 packets. (Packet=, Bind-Rule= Is clear an issue but there is only a MAC in the netwo
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By ITserve Thursday

"Lifetime of the SA created in phase x of IKE negotiation expired" large volume traffic

Hello, I have 3 X ER8411 routers doing IPSEC VPN connection between each other. Site A communicates with sites B and C Site B communicates with sites A and C Site C communicates with sites A and B On
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By chrib Monday

Omada VPN gets incorrect Subnetmask (Router: ER605 v2.0)

I bought a complete setup of Omada Devices for home (3* EAP653(EU) v1.0; 1* TL-SG2008P v3.0; 1* ER605 v2.0) and now i created a VPN-Policy for me, when I'm not at home. I have a network wh
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By JCC01 a week ago


Good morning, Our communication provider asks us to open several outbound ports in our firewall We have a ER8411 and we are not finding reference to outgoing/outbound traffic in the documentation, is
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By Fausto879 a week ago

Create rules equal to existing ones, the router recognizes them as a default rule Possible bug?

Something strange happened. In Service Type List, I added DNS ports to block and ensure that everything goes through DNS Proxy Doh I didn't realize that this Service Type already existed and I created