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By Tyra Wednesday

ER605 Port Forwarding will not work under Omada Software Controller

This is a continuation of my previous thread, as seen here: Some personal issues that meant I had just lived with this not
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By alitheog Tuesday


The feauture to be able to disable voucher acess when deleted from vocuher list or temporarily disable voucher is very needed. I deleted a vocuher for a user and user can still use the voucher to acce
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By PL459 Tuesday

TP-Link ER7206 VPN Bypass for Specific Ports or Destination IPs?

For personal privacy I like to use a series of third-party VPNs on my router to protect all devices connected to it. For general use this works extremely well. For online games, it does not. I have fr
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By Clive_A Tuesday

Omada Switch Pre-Release Firmware (Released on Jun 11th, 2024)

This Article Applies to Model Hardware Version Firmware Version Firmware Date Rel Number TL-SL2428P V5 5.0.8 20240531 65965 TL-SL2428P V4 4.20.11 20240531 65965 TL-SG3428 V1 1.1.10 20240531 65965 TL-S
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By Pugs Tuesday - WiFi, Controllers and switches ALL try to connect

So, All my EAPs, OC controller and compatible switches are trying to connect to "" and similar sub domains WITHOUT consent and WITHOUT cloud being enabled. Every ye
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By Navas1 Tuesday

ER7206 - Wireguard "Allowed Address" issue

Please refer to the following topic I have the same exact problem on my ER7206 router when I set "Allowed Address" to "" I have no