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By Pocov 2 weeks ago

MR600 V2 disconnects from 4g until reset. New firmware needed!

Router keeps working but 4g disconnects and MR600 doesn't do anything to reconnect by itself. I already set manual bands as Other post recommend. Also put only 3g and set up dayly reset but that's not
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By phongtom 3 weeks ago

ER605 Port Forwarding to VPN Client

Hello, I have an ER605 that works as L2TP server, and i want open some ports that foward to a L2TP client but it doesn't work, otherwise port forwarding to local PC works fine, all traffic from/to the
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By Flysky 2023-08-10 10:27:42

ER605 WAN default gateway issue

Hi I set up a single WAN Dynamic IP configuration. All params (IP Address/Subnet Mask/DNS) populated correctly except Default Gateway. Default Gateway set to System Log: DHCP Client NOTICE WA
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By PackersOwner 2023-08-06 17:32:28

What happen to ER605 Firmware 2.2.0 Build 20230629 Rel.64012

I updated about 1 month ago this version but now the latest version to download on the website is ER605(UN)_V2_2.1.2 Build 20230210 What
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By Hank21 2023-07-21 01:08:06

ER605 V2_2.1.4_Build 20230727 Beta Firmware For Trial (Released on Aug 2nd, 2023)

This Article Applies to: ER605 v2 / v2.6_2.1.4_20230720 (Beta) | Fully adapted to Omada SDN Controller v5.11 Update as of Aug 2, 2023: Thank you all for your valuable feedback on the ER605 2.1.4_20230
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By Springs42 2023-07-03 17:09:02

ER605 V2_2.1.3_Build 20230616 Beta Firmware - Locked out of device

Hi, Just upgraded to this firmware and upon reboot of the device and being presented with the login screen i am now unable to login. I've tried the user account that i was using prior to the upgraded