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By Rafid_Anjum 2020-08-25 16:09:24

Give access guest network to a specfic host network device

Hi, I want to know how can I give access guest network devices to a specific host network connected device ? I've a pc connected to my deco m4 via wired. I've installed pihole on that pc & set the pc
Forums/ Deco
By Rafid_Anjum 2020-07-13 16:12:01

How to block a specfic port on Deco M4 ?

Hi I want to block a specfic port on my Deco M4. But I can't find any Port Blocking or Network Services Filter Table alike option on the App or Admin Panel. I need to block a port on my router. Can yo
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By Rafid_Anjum 2020-03-10 17:42:11

What is (HiddenSSID)

Hi, If i put my PC's network adapter into monitor mode a network named "(HiddenSSID)" appears instead of my wifi network name. It doesn't appear in my phone's wifi settings or any other devices settin
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By Rafid_Anjum 2020-03-08 05:12:36

Deco Sometimes Stopped Working

Hi, I am using the deco m4 single unit because my home covers the single unit. Few days ago I've purchased the deco. Now a days I'm facing a weird problem. Deco disconnecting all my device all of a su
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By Rafid_Anjum 2020-03-04 18:59:12

Change Wifi Encryption

Hi, I want to change my wifi encryption system from WPA to WPA2. I can't find the option to change it in the deco app or the web admin panel. Help me to change the Encryption of my deco !! Have a grea
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By Rafid_Anjum 2020-03-03 15:44:41

Deco M4 WAN Port Mac Address

Hi, I am new to Tp-link family. Purchased my deco m4 single unit yesterday. I can't use my deco because of mac address. My ISP control the mac address of their users. To connect my device to the inter