What to do if you fail to enable the Tapo Skill in Alexa APP?

What to do if you fail to enable the Tapo Skill in Alexa APP?

What to do if you fail to enable the Tapo Skill in Alexa APP?
What to do if you fail to enable the Tapo Skill in Alexa APP?
2022-07-15 11:46:57 - last edited 2022-10-25 11:43:11

Recently some customers had trouble activating the Tapo skill in Alexa APP while the Tapo device was working fine in the Tapo APP.  The new Tapo APP released in July 2022 has solved this problem, and we'd like to share some details about the fix and more troubleshooting tips for similar concerns.


This Article Applies to: 

Tapo devices  


Issue Description/Phenomenon:

You may fail to enable the Tapo skill in Alexa, after typing in Tapo account username and password,  there is an error message "we were unable to link Tapo at this time, please try again later" or the next page does not load properly as follows. 




Fixed on the Tapo APP version 2.8.20 and later app version.

Please make sure your Tapo APP is up-to-date in the APP Store or Google Play. 


If you experience a similar issue,  it's time to give an update for your Tapo APP! 

Troubleshooting suggestions:

If you still failed to authorize skill in the Alexa app, here are some other tips that might help with your case. 

1. Make sure your Tapo device firmware and Tapo app are both up to date. 

2. Disable then enable Tapo skill.

FAQ: How to make my Tapo device (smart plug, smart camera, smart lighting) work with Amazon Alexa

Go to the Home page > Skills & Games> Your Skills > TP-LINK 

Tapo > DISABLE SKILLS > Disable, then click "ENABLE TO USE" and you can type in the TP-LINK Tapo account (Email and password).

3. Try to enable Tapo Skill in the Amazon web portal.


4. Try some other Tips as the following troubleshooting guide suggests: 

What should I do if I cannot make Tapo smart devices (smart plug, smart camera, smart lighting) work with Alexa or Google Home


If the issue persists after all steps above, please start a new thread and help provide the following information:

1) A photo of the error message in the Alexa app.

2) Please help describe the phenomena in detail and let troubleshooting that already has been done.

3) Model number of the Tapo device.

4) Tapo & Alexa App version.

5) Model of phone and Phone OS.

6) TP-Link ID and the MAC address of the Tapo device. (please share via a private message)

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Re:[Solution]Failed to enable Tapo Skill in Alexa App,Error 'We were unable to link Tapo at this time'
2022-07-19 01:24:56

Ich hatte wirklich Schwierigkeiten, das Tapo-Gerät mit der Alexa App zu verbinden.
Da eine Verknüpfung über Alexa Tapo Skill nicht möglich ist auch eine Verbindung über die Tapo App mit Alexa scheitert.Mit der tapo App funktioniert alles wunderbar, aber leider mit der Alexa nicht. “Server is not responding fehlermeldung.
Seit der Aktualisierung der App funktioniert sie endlich wieder!



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