Tapo P100 & P110 delay

Tapo P100 & P110 delay

Tapo P100 & P110 delay
Tapo P100 & P110 delay
2023-03-08 21:12:41
Model: Tapo P110  
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i have several Tapo Smart Plugs in my smarthome. P100 and P110. Sometimes when i click in the app "ON" then it doesnt work or it reacts with a delay, 30 sec or 1 minute.

With 2 different Android Phones. One Plug is directly behind the WIFI Router. WIFI Restart doesn't Help. Also my Smartphone is in the 2,4Ghz WIFI. Same with WIFI Off. Always the delay.


what can i do? Maybe its because its a HUAWEI Hybrid Router?

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Re:Tapo P100 & P110 delay
2023-03-09 01:10:02

 Hello @COLONEL92 

thank you for the case report.

The delayed reaction can have a lot to do with latency in the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network. Here are some suggestions:

-.here are some tips to optimize the network like try a different Wi-Fi channel width, update firmware of router

  1. What to do if my local network is not stable

- you can try to create a Guest Wi-Fi network only for the smart devices to minimize wireless interference as much a possible

Try to use a Wifi analyzer app to select a Wifi channel that is less crowded

- To isolate the issue, you can connect one of the samrt plug to a mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi and see if the plug responds faster under a different network

Feel free to let us know if this works for you.


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