About smart plug HS103 smart action

About smart plug HS103 smart action

About smart plug HS103 smart action
About smart plug HS103 smart action
2024-03-15 03:09:01 - last edited 2024-03-18 08:11:12
Model: HS103  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

I want to setup a schedule or routine to run my pump 1 minute on, then off for 9 minute and then on for 1 minute again, and 0ff for 9 minutes, repeatly.

I setup a smart action like that:

Smart Action 01:
If Pump turn ON
Then Pump turn OFF
Delay 1 minute

Smart Action 02:
If Pump turn OFF
Then Pump turn ON
Delay 9 minute

But it does not work. If I manually switched it on, then it will turn off after 1 minute, But then it does not turn on anymore.

If I manually switched it off, then it will turn on after 9 minute, But then it does not turn off anymore.


Looks like the smart action only recognize the plug status by manually switch it on or off. It does not recognize the action trigger by schedules or smart actions.


Please help, I know some other brands has similar function, they are called inching or cycling or recirculation. I just do not want to change to other brand just because of this.


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Re:About smart plug HS103 smart action
2024-03-19 09:23:26



Just consulted with the team and learned that looping automation cannot be achieved through actions as triggers at present.


My speculation is that this could be due to security concerns, as infinite looping automation may pose risks, especially for devices controlling electricity like plugs or switches.

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