Magic button: A Lifesaver You Need to Get Now!

Magic button: A Lifesaver You Need to Get Now!

Magic button: A Lifesaver You Need to Get Now!
Magic button: A Lifesaver You Need to Get Now!
2024-03-28 02:06:35 - last edited 2024-04-16 01:31:25
Model: Tapo H100   Tapo S200B  
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Ever find yourself like me? Even though my phone is practically glued to my hand, I still forget to switch off the lights, cameras, or water heater through the app.


Especially after leaving the house, I'll be halfway through the workday before realizing the water heater is still on! Or worse, the camera isn't activated!


And yes, of course, I can operate everything from my phone, even without opening the tapo app, well you just need to use the widget. But honestly, it's still a hassle to find my phone specifically for these tasks when I'm not using it...

If I can recall these stuffs while I'm already on my phone, that's a different story. It all works under your finger moves.


Then that's when I found out I could place a smart button next to the door, right beside the light switch. It's linked to all the smart lights, the plugs connected to lights, and my cameras. Since I never forget to turn off the lights when leaving, so tapping the button is not a hard thing either. (Yes, I don't own a smart switch yet... But maybe it's time for an upgrade?)


There's also one besides my couch, used to control the plug connected to the water heater. Although I've set up schedules for the plug, there are always unexpected situations, like coming home early and needing a shower sooner, or it's too late and the water heater has already turned off, etc.

In addition, I find it quite useful to turn off the water heater early right after I finish showering ahead of the scheduled time. It's a significant energy saver, checked the bills!


Hope my configurations would be an inspiration to you! 


Rule One

When single tap "Housekeeper" (Tapo S200B)


1. turn off bedroom lights, living room lights

2. disable camera privacy mode


Rule Two

When single tap "heater" (the S200B beside my couch)

Then turn off "heater"


Rule Three

Schedule the water heater, I own a tapo P100 plug.


1. Turn On heater at 5:30 AM. Repeat on weekdays

2. Turn Off heater at 7:30 AM. Repeat on weekdays

3. Turn On heater at 8:30 PM. Repeat on weekdays

4. Turn Off heater at 9:30 PM. Repeat on weekdays

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Re:Magic button: A Lifesaver You Need to Get Now!
2024-04-02 01:39:50



Thank you for sharing! I'm thrilled to hear that this device is turning out to be such a helpful companion for you!

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Re:Magic button: A Lifesaver You Need to Get Now!
2024-05-21 14:08:42

  @GabrielMitch Thanks for sharing it.



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