TP-Link Sub-GHz Technology Brings the New Tapo Lineup of Smart Hub, Sensors,Switches and More.

By leveraging the TP-Link Sub-GHz technology, a collection of new Tapo smart home accessories including smart sensors, smart light switches, smart buttons, wire free cameras and more are on the stocks. You may be wondering what's new and what benefits Sub-GHz technology offers. This Article guides to quickly learn about this new technology.

*In the above picture, Tapo Plug and Tapo Bulb are Tapo Wi-Fi products.

What is Sub-GHz technology?


Sub-GHz also known as Sub-1 GHz is an innovative IoT solution to automate and control smart home devices through the lower-than-1Ghz new wireless frequency characterized by Long Range, Less Susceptible to Interference and Extremely Low Power. Tapo Sub-GHz devices operates on the frequency of 868Mhz in Europe and 922Mhz in America.


TP-Link Sub-GHz Frequency
Europe  (CE areas)
 868 MHz 
America  (FCC areas)
            922 MHz           


Why do we need Sub-GHz ?


  • Long Range


Sub-G boasts long-range transmission. It shows strong signals even in obstructed conditions in big cities. You are free to put sub-devices like wire-free camera, motion sensor or Tapo Sub-G devices anywhere within range of the smart hub’s signal.


  • Less Susceptible to Interference:


Sub-1 GHz avoids the 2.4 GHz frequency used by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee, free from interference from the many 2.4 GHz devices in daily life. 


  • Extremely Low Power:


Sub-GHz consumes little power compared to its 2.4 GHz counterparts. This makes it ideal for battery-powered devices. Many of the Tapo Sub-G devices use cell buttons or AAA batteries that could last a year or longer.


How to Build a Sub-GHz Network?

Sub-GHz network requires a central hub as a bridge to the internet. As the below network topology, the Tapo smart hub takes the role of the IOT gateway. It connects to your home router through a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network and broadcasts a Sub-GHz wireless network for the other sub-devices.



  •  Tapo Smart hubTapo H100 Tapo H200) connects to your home 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network.
  •  Tapo Sub-G devices are paired with the Tapo smart hub and centrally managed by the hub. 



Visit article below  to learn more about Tapo Sub-G products: 

 New Tapo SubG Family- Tapo Smart Sensors, Smart Switches, Smart Buttons and More on the Way



Here is list of Tapo Sub-G devices: 


Tapo Smart Hub           +

Tapo Sub-Devices 

Tapo Smart hub with Chime

 * Tapo H100/H200 hub required

Tapo Smart Motion Sensor (Tapo T100)

Tapo Smart Contact Sensor (Tapo T110)
Tapo Smart Button (Tapo S200B)
Tapo Smart Water Leak Sensor (Tapo T300)
Tapo Smart Switch (Tapo S210/ Tapo S220)


 * Tapo H200 hub required
Tapo Wire-Free Camera (Tapo C420/C420S2)


Note: the Tapo smart hub is made for Tapo devices based on TP-Link private Sub-GHz protocol, products from other manufacturers will not be able to be added to Tapo smart hub.



You can take a first look at Tapo Sub-G products from Videos here!


Join the conversation if you have any questions with Tapo Sub-G products : 

New Tapo SubGHz Family- Tapo Smart Sensors, Smart Switches, Smart Buttons and More on the Way


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