Meet Brand-New Tapo 3.0 App

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Meet Brand-New Tapo 3.0 App


As a milestone in the development of TP-Link Tapo, we’re excited to introduce you to the new Tapo APP 3.0!

Kasa integration You can now add and control your Kasa devices in the Tapo APP! 

Brand-new UI designs New theme color and Home page optimization are ready for you to experience.


Better-looking  The brand-new UI brings a fresh visual experience


The new theme color was selected to enhance visual comfort. The new status page shows the same color as the light strip.




More ease of use. Optimized features and layout are more user-friendly.


Home Page Optimization

  • Room management Placed on the Home page now; it’s easier to find.
  • Categories integration Devices of the same categories are aggregated together. You can also reorder these categories.
  • Card design Freely switch between list review and grid view.


Status Page Optimization

The layout is optimized with a more reasonable division of functional areas.


More compatible. It supports the management of Kasa devices in the Tapo app.



Binding Add and bind Kasa devices in the Tapo app.

Control Check and control Kasa devices on the Home page of the Tapo app.

Interconnectivity Easily synchronize Kasa devices to Tapo App through quick authorization.


FAQ General questions about linking Kasa devices to Tapo App





What else does Tapo 3.0 bring to Kasa users?

Multiview (camera)

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple camera feeds for a comprehensive view.

Home/Away Mode (camera)

Adjusting camera settings to align with your presence at home or when you're away.



Activity Center (camera)

Quick access to all the detection events of all cameras


(Kasa Lighting)




What's new for Tapo users?

Android Widget

Device Quick Control, Device Status, Shortcut, Camera, Robot Vacuum

Group Control

Sunrise/Sunset for Smart Action

More Flexible! Sunrise, Sunset, and Sunrise/Sunset Offset are now available as an option for Effective time in Automation

Camera Privacy Mode Quick Control

Activity Center (camera)

Quick access to all the detection events of all cameras



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I have the same issue, where the beta version seems to have rolled back to a standard version (3.2.515) and I have lost a load of functionality, and the ability to manage my automations.


It was good to be true!


I have 12 automations that I unable to use since yesterday! Why you allowed us to create new automations if you were going to remove the new version? I even bought more devices after I had the functionalities released. frown

Is there any way like in the Kasa app to be able to use a picture you have taken of the actual device used as the ico for the device in the Tapo app?

Hi all, I have the same problem... I can't edit my automations and more importantly many of the Beta features are not available so even if I could re-create them I can't... I hope this is just an update error... which will be reverted... however no response on my own follow-ups. Fingers crossed.

I have found a resolution, not with the help of TP-Link, but simply by doing a search on Google for "TP-Link Tapo (Beta)" and you should find a play store install about 3rd on the list. It's hidden on the normal play store because it's a beta trial.

Simply uninstall the current version on your devices and install this one and you should be back in business.

Good luck all 🤞👍

Thx xmtr34, this has worked for me.

My BETA Tapo App version was updated via playstore. Now beta is lost! Where can I find a current beta version? Can´t handle my rules in the playstore app. Please help. blush Best Regards

Hi Lumadd, just follow the instructions from xmtr34 above. Perform the google search exactly as specified and then you will see the 3rd result in the list from APKMirror. Select this one and then "See available downloads". Scroll down to the one names TP-Link Tapo 3.2.204 beta. Select and download the .apk file. This will need to be installed directly (just select it and it should start to install). You need to temporarily turn on the option to allow installs outside of the playstore, you will be promted. Good luck.


Also for others in this thread.... Here was the formal response from Tapo. Seems they are about to release the Beta version to public and this seems to be an inadvertent error from their preparation... not sure when it will be release though...


Smart Action 2.0 feature is available in the testing version 3.2.204(Android) and 3.2.206 (iOS) only. The smart action rules created or saved through the testing version cannot be edited on other App versions. But they're still visible and take effect.

If you have enabled the App auto-update, the new version is likely to overwrite the testing version. 

Smart Action 2.0 trial test has ended now. Stay tuned to the official release!

The app is amazing so reliable. All the information I need is to hand.

I've got the same problem as others.  I am on the beta rollout and have been 'downgraded' to the current public version of the app so many of my smart actions no longer work and can't be edited.


I was overjoyed this morning to see the app update again. Unfortunately, I still cannot use or edit those Smart actions.


Hopefully another update will follow soon!