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Forums/ Feature Requests
By Solla-topee 2022-03-03 09:25:58

​​​​​​​Summary of most Popular Feature Requests for Tapo

>>View whole Tapo Feature Request Board>> >>View Guidelines of reporting a Feature Request>> 22/10 A major update with tapo plug Energy Monitoring feature is here, you can reset energy data, calculate
Forums/ Feature Requests
By Santimandu 2024-02-20 11:15:20

Tapo RV30 Plus Spanish Voice

Hello, please in next firmware update can integrate more languages of audio? It would be great to have voice in spanish. Thanks in advance
Forums/ Feature Requests
By Domoter 2023-03-13 21:03:38

T315 does not fire action until the temperature passes the treshold

I am trying to use a T315 and a P110 to control a heating system. The idea is when the temperature reported by the T315 is under 19º the P110 should be turned On. And when the temperature goes over 20
Forums/ Tapo Smart Hubs
By Santimandu 2023-04-26 00:52:53

Tapo H100 US with Tapo T310 EU ?

Hello, in a mistake a friend give me a Tapo T310 EU model but i have Tapo H100 US. No way to connect it, right? Works in differrent sub frequency different and should i get both same region ? :( Thank
Forums/ Official Announcements
By Solla-topee 2022-06-17 08:19:27

We're Looking For Your Feedback On TP-Link Community Here!

Hi there, This thread is created to hear from you about your feedback or new ideas for the TP-Link Community itself. Feedback: We want you to enjoy with our community, so we're curious to know what
Forums/ Tapo Smart Light Bulbs
By Santimandu 2021-01-25 21:09:42

Not responding to App Tapo

Hello, I was using Tapo L510e without any problem a time ago. Now i was trying to control it with Tapo App and doesnt work. I cant change the dimmable, cant turn on/off and nothing. Looks like hardwar