Not responding to App Tapo

Not responding to App Tapo
Not responding to App Tapo
2021-01-25 21:09:42
Model: Tapo L510E
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.8 Build 20201210 Rel. 55943



I was using Tapo L510e without any problem a time ago.

Now i was trying to control it with Tapo App and doesnt work.

I cant change the dimmable, cant turn on/off and nothing.


Looks like hardware of the LED light works fine and also i can reconfigure it without problem. I dont know what happend.


Things i tried without success:


- Restart and reconfigure light doing factory reset

- Deleted Tapo App and reinstaled

- Try version 2.2.39 older than latest stable on Play Store


Now i use Tap App Android version 2.2.41 on last version available on Play Store


Any suggestion?


Also i have a friend who has the same light and happens the same.


Thanks for your time

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Re:Not responding to App Tapo
2021-01-28 10:19:59


Thank you very much for your patience.

Sorry for the delay.

Is there any change recently which might cause the App freezes?

When you mentioned that’ can’t change the dimmable, can’t turn on/off and nothing’, were you able to press the button on the APP but it just did not take effect, or something else?

May I know the model number and operating system of your smartphone?

--if possible, could you please try to record a video clip of this issue for me?


Thanks a lot and wait for your reply.

Re:Not responding to App Tapo
2021-01-28 16:39:08



Hello, i think not changes from the config previous to Tapo App, only receives updates from Play Store.


Just did not take effect. Nothing happens and for example if the light is off and i try to switch on in app, the app looks like turn on for 1 second and the app goes off then. Meanwhile the bulb never turn on.


I'm using a Xiaomi Mi A3 running Android 11.


I will try to record this problem.


Also i notice that i have sync tapo with Google Home and when i try it nothing happens also. 


Thanks for your help and time,