​​​​​​​Summary of most Popular Feature Requests for Tapo

​​​​​​​Summary of most Popular Feature Requests for Tapo
​​​​​​​Summary of most Popular Feature Requests for Tapo
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Tapo Camera Smart Action Update : Camera Motion Triggered Automation  & Privacy Mode Shortcut  has been implemented for the Tapo camera  model Tapo C310 first,  refer to thread below for details there are more models that adds this feature, we will update on below thread

Tapo Camera Smart Action: Motion-Triggered Automation & Privacy Mode Shortcut 



22/06 : Hello everyone, another feature is going to meet us, Tapo IFTTT Feature (go to feature request thread) is now ' Under Consideration' status. Feel free to comment on the corresponding thread below: 

This thread summarizes the most popular ideas and feedback of Tapo products submitted by the community members. Browse and upvote for your loved features!

Feature Request & Improvement Suggestion Threads



Features Implemented /Under Consideration

Features Topics in Community
[Tapo Cam]  ONVIF PTZ   Tapo C200 ONVIF PTZ
[Tapo Plug]  ON/OFF State After Power Outage Set Default State after Power Failure is Now Available (Tapo P100 V1.2 / P110)
[Tapo Cam]  Camera Logo Display  Tapo C310 video watermark
[Tapo Camera] Privacy Zones Privacy Zones in Tapo Care Service Privacy Mask: how to cover an area?
[APP] IFTTT Integration IFTTT support for Tapo Smart Wi-Fi plug P100
[Tapo Cam] Tapo Camera Smart Action Tapo Camera Smart Action  Update : Motion-Triggered Automation & Privacy Mode Shortcut 


Note: 'implemented' & under consideration'  label could mean a feature has been supported on certain model(s)/ hardware version(s) and may not cover whole product line,  click corresponding thread to check detailed status of a feature. 


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Tapo Cam Smart Action  Feature for camera C200 - This is a must to have, I see you have done it for the C310 (which is an outdoor camera), please do it also for the C200 which is the indoor model with pan and tilt.

Otherwhise it is just a normal ip camera :(