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Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By antstyl a week ago

Rich notifications (image preview) and cloud recording stopped working

Hi, I have enabled Tapo Care demo on this camera. I have enabled only Person detection and Activity Notifications and Rich Notifications. I get a notification in my mobile phone but there is NO image

Mi KP303 se reinicia de fabrica solo

Me esta sucediendo que mi equipo modelo KP303 se reinicia a fabrica solo. Lo configuro y en unos dias aparece con las luces naranjas blinkeando y difundiendo el wifi propio para ser configurado. No he
Forums/ Apps and Integrations
By JerryInTellico 2023-03-10 01:57:08

Sharing app

My wife and I use the Kasa app ver 3.2.0 installed on each of our phones. How can we share this app with people who visit for a couple of days. I would like to be able to share the app with them so th
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By TP-user123 a week ago

Tapo Smart Camera was removed from the app

My Tapo C210 was behaving strangely. #1. Twice it detected human presence but nobody was in the video #2. Today, the camera setup was completely removed from the App by itself - See "Device already re
Forums/ Feature Requests
By tapotiger 2 weeks ago

grant/deny permissions for a shared device

Hello everyone, Latest app allows the Live View, Talk, Voice Call, Pan& Tilt, and Playback&Memory features enabled for shared accounts. As most of these function was not enabled in previous app versio
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By Haissamf 2 weeks ago

My tapo C200 is stopping every 5 min and ask me to continue

I got 2 tapo C200 camera devices and its working perfectly on my iphone and my wife iphone. I can continuously stream videos without stop. However, while using my ipad, streaming is stopping each 5 mi