Archer C7 V2 Guest network

Archer C7 V2 Guest network
Archer C7 V2 Guest network
2018-08-14 09:51:38
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I have set up a guest network on my Wifi.
The first question is that after I rebooted the router the network showed up and I was able to log onto the network without a password... is this right, no password needed for the guest network?
second, on the setup page, there are other settings available to choose from: Hide SSID, Wireless security, Access time, and enable guest network bandwidth control,
Do I need to do anything with any of these settings or leave them the way they are?

Never done this before so I appreciate any advice anyone might be able to suggest

Thanks in advance for the help
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Re:Archer C7 V2 Guest network
2018-08-15 21:51:10
I have a C8 which should be about the same.

Remember - If you have used any network in the past with the same SSID and password, your computer/tablet/phone will connect without asking for the password.
Also make sure your device is connected to the new guest network and not some other network.

Assuming that is not the case, when you set up the guest network

Turn off any Access and Bandwidth control
Use a unique name for the guest network (never use any default name, do not use something common like Guest, nor any other SSID used in the area)
Be sure you have the "wireless Security" set to WPA/WPA2.
Set Version and Encryption to Automatic
Set up a secure password
Hide SSID does not matter as it does not really hide it.
I would leave Access time off and set it later if needed after it works like you expect.

If you set up multiple networks, use different network names and passwords.

Hope this helps.
2018-08-16 07:21:29
Thanks for responding
Your advice helped me set up properly.
I had not done it correctly to start with.

Thanks again