Deco X60 ethernet backhaul issues

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Deco X60 ethernet backhaul issues
Deco X60 ethernet backhaul issues
2021-01-01 21:30:12 - last edited 2021-01-01 21:34:53
Model: Deco X60  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 1.0.5 Build 20201013 Rel 64247


I have purchased the 3 unit deco X60 set for my home. So far I am happy with the wifi performance but would like to benefit from my home's ethernet wiring (cat 7) and use ethernet as backhaul. Unfortunately this does not work as expected, or as I would like it to work. The only way I could make the ethernet backhaul work is by hooking up the main deco directly to one of the slaves and then plug the switch in the salves second ethernet port. But this leaves me with two issues, i have a third deco that i would like to use ethernet backhaul and more importantly I'd like to avoid to place the deco's as an additinal point of failure in my (ethernet) network for obvious reasons. 


So my question is how can i make my desired Setup A to work?

Changing the switches could be an option but will have trouble to change the modem that I'd like to be the main gateway for my home wiring?

Would it help to assign the decos fixed IP's? 

What TCP/IP packages (I learnd from other threads) have to be passed through the switches so the decos could connect? Maybe I can adjust some settings in the modem.


Here is my expected setup to work (Setup A) as-well as the the setups I tried but failed (A, B, C) and the one that I currently use as "workaround" (D).

Some general notes:

  • I connected the Deco's directly with ethernet and placed them after confirmed ethernet backhaul to their final location
  • the modem / router is provided by my ISP (Cable) and not that easy to replace
  • the modem also provides a gigabit switch, does port forwarding and assigns for some devices fixed IP's via DHCP
  • the modem is a Arris TG2492S
  • the switch a Zyxel GS-108B (there is also a Netgear switch I didn't tried yet)
  • the main deco is running in access point mode (desired)
  • the third deco is currently running with wifi backhaul, but should be change to ethernet backhaul


Setup A

Setup B




Setup C




Setup D


Thank you very much for any help



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