Deco M9+ - Zoom video keeps interrupting on Win10 PC

Deco M9+ - Zoom video keeps interrupting on Win10 PC
Deco M9+ - Zoom video keeps interrupting on Win10 PC
2021-06-11 08:52:43
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 1.5.1 Build 20210126 Rel 59387

I'm running a Deco M9+ with 2 satellite Decos + 1 hardwired main Deco.  The hardwired Deco is connected to an RV340 Cisco Dual WAN VPN router that balances load / failover across 2 broadband lines.   


I have two desktop computers (OEM machines - 1 Lenovo, 1 Dell) running Windows 10 Pro and McAfee total protection. My Decos' firmware is up to date.


While both PCs could connect to zoom meetings, the video and audio would freeze every 10-15 seconds for 2-3 seconds at a time.  Other people in the meeting would see a frozen image and hear no audio and the PC users see their entire zoom window frozen.  


This problem is not encountered on iOS devices.


After uninstalling the McAfee, disabling Windows firewall, switching Deco to access point mode, much online research and reading other posts on this forum - i tried switching the PCs to another wifi router.  Magically the zoom problem went away!


The "Pay-to-surf" categorization should not be an issue with this case (?) since the Deco is now in AP mode so parental controls are disabled.


I need the PCs to be on the Deco network so they can access a network printer and storage.  


Would appreciate any solutions!

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Re:Deco M9+ - Zoom video keeps interrupting on Win10 PC
a week ago


Hi, were you still have the same issue?

If yes, please refer to the suggestion on this link:

While If the issue continues, please submit an email to the support team for further assistance;

Thank you very much.