605X extender ethernet connection

605X extender ethernet connection
605X extender ethernet connection
2022-04-25 20:23:41
Model: RE605X
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I installed the RE605X in my network which has an AX6000 router. This replaced the old non-mesh RE450 extender. The RE450 was connected to ethernet so it was just an wireless extender. The 605x is configured as a mesh device.

When I plug in an ethernet cable into the 605x, the network drops out completely. The 605x has all the lights on blue, the signal is good according to Tether.

I was using the ethernet connection since I thought it would help the network speed.

If I configure the RE605x to be non-mesh, the SSIDs have the _EXT suffix. This sorta works but I have to connect to the _EXT ssid in some rooms and the normal ssid in others.


Question: Is a wired connection with wireless mesh an acceptable configuration or should I just leave it wireless only to the 605x when using mesh?

Hope this is clear enough...



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Re:605X extender ethernet connection
2022-04-26 02:01:42

  Hello @BassDaze 

When wire range extender to router via Ethernet cable, range extender need to be in Access Point Mode, or that may cause a loop in the network and affects the stability:

Here is an instruction to set up AP mode for RE:

Configuration Guide How to connect TP-Link Wi-fi Extender to Router with Ethernet Cable (Access Point Mode)


If you wish to use OneMesh, it is suggested using in Range Extender and range extender wirelessly connect to router, here is a feature request related to this topic. 

Feature request [Range Extender] OneMesh Supports Ethernet Backhaul

Hoe this helps!