Community and Forum Guidelines **UPDATED**

This thread has been locked for further replies. You can start a new thread to share your ideas or ask questions.

Community and Forum Guidelines **UPDATED**

This thread has been locked for further replies. You can start a new thread to share your ideas or ask questions.
Community and Forum Guidelines **UPDATED**
Community and Forum Guidelines **UPDATED**
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Forum Guidelines


The Mission Statement for this Forum:

"To Provide a Space for like-minded people to help each other, share ideas and grow projects involving TP-Link products of all types. The foundations of the community are Respect, Collaboration, and Integrity. We hope to grow, just as our community does, and soon produce consistent content that is engaging, helpful, and interesting."


     It is our hope that users will use this as a place to share experiences, give suggestions, ask questions, and get help from both TP-Link customers and experts alike. We would like this to be a place of respect and collaboration, so to this affect we have set guidelines that we will require all users to follow. Any post that violates these guidelines will be automatically removed from the forum. If the action was done on purpose or with malicious intent a strike will be placed on the account that did so.

     Violation of these guidelines will result in a warning, followed by a 30-day ban for a 2nd offense.  If a 3rd offense takes place, we will take action on the account and ban the user.


The rules are simple and common sense:

  • Relevant Post:  Your post and its title should be relevant to the content and category of where it is posted. Post titles should give a brief overview of what the post is about.  Posts that are not relevant, or misleading will either be transferred to the proper category or will be removed. Please refrain from creating posts that are not about technical assistance or about the TP-Link Family of Products.
  • Be Respectful:  Treat your fellow users, admins, and moderators in a respectful manner.  If you reply to a post, please be constructive and friendly.  What might be simple, or obvious to you, may be difficult for someone else.  If you post content, please be clear in what you are trying to accomplish and do not attack someone who may not understand what you are asking or is trying to help.
  • No Foul Language:  Keep the language in your post clean.  TP-Link’s hope is that this community forum be a family-friendly environment where people can go for help without ridicule.  To that regard we ask that content be clean and age appropriate.  In other words, let’s keep it “G” rated.
  • No Offensive Content:  Do not post any content (written, visual, or audio) that is disparaging, demeaning or derogatory to any individual, or group of individuals. Such content may even violate federal or local law.  Violation of this rule will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the community.
  • No Illegal Activity: Do not conduct in illegal activity, actions that violate state, local or federal law will be taken seriously and may require us to contact the authorities and permanently ban your access to the forums.
  • Protect Your Privacy:  Take care not to share personal information in your post.  TP-Link Support may require you to provide personal information while troubleshooting or processing an RMA, we will however not ask for it here.  If someone asks you to provide personal information, please report it immediately.
  • Post on Correct Thread:  Ensure your post or reply is submitted in the correct thread and subject. 
  • Report Abuse or Spam:  While our admins will be active, we might not be able to catch everything in a timely manner.  If you feel something violates the guidelines above, please report it for review. Reports are always reviewed and allow the staff to create preventative measures for posts in the future.
  • No Spam or Advertising:  Spam or advertising are expressly prohibited and will result in an automatic ban of your account.
  • Do Not Abuse the Voting System:  The helpful and unhelpful system was put in place to aid both users and staff. Brigading and Spamming the System will be seen as an effort to minimize the helpfulness of the system and will result in a ban.
  • Ban Evasion:  Do not try to evade an account ban or suspension by changing usernames or by pretending to be someone else.
  • Be Helpful: Threads and Subsequent Replies Must be related to the subject of the thread and work towards the solution or discovery of a concern. Content that is irrelevant or unhelpful to the thread will be subject to removal without notice.
  • Username Creation: Do Not Create Any Username Using TP-Link, TP-Link, or any variation that could make your account appear as though it MAY be affiliated with TP-Link. These usernames are only meant to be used by official users or with explicit permission.
    • Any Usernames found to not be acting in good faith are subject to suspension or account deletion by TP-Link USA.




  • All messages posted in the Community become the sole property of TP-Link USA. TP-Link USA reserves the right to use this material without further notification or explanation to the author.


  • You must be at least 16 Years Old to Participate in the TP-Link Forum


If any conflict exists between the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use then the Privacy Policy will control.



*TP-Link Staff reserve the right to remove any members or posts deemed inappropriate or off topic for a forum such as this.

*Last Updated: December 14th 2022



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