UNKNOWN client on Deco X20 network

UNKNOWN client on Deco X20 network

UNKNOWN client on Deco X20 network
UNKNOWN client on Deco X20 network
2022-08-17 19:34:05
Tags: #Access Point Mode #Client List
Model: Deco X20  
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version: 1.0.2 Build 20220401 Rel. 63997



I'm setting up an X20 Deco mesh network, and have two nodes configured. The main node is configured as an access point, since the cable modem takes care of DHCP, etc.


I connected my iPhone and MacBook Pro to the network, and they show up on the client list. But there's also another device on the list of name UNKNOWN.


Here's what I know about UNKNOWN:

MAC address: 96-5D-13-5F-52-90
IP address:
It's got a lease on the DHCP server
The MAC address is not the private MAC address of my iPhone
The MAC address is not registered according to MAClookup (.app)
It doesn't respond to pings
Any idea what it might be? Any other ways to poke at it to see if it really exists?
In a related question, when I first started the network, the Deco app showed every device on my network as a client, though I couldn't click on them to get more info. Then they all disappeared from the client list, except for UNKNOWN. What is up with that?
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Re:UNKNOWN client on Deco X20 network
2022-08-18 17:30:01

  An update: The Deco app is now listing every device on my local network, even though they're not connected to the Deco wireless network. A screenshot is attached:



At least I can identify the UNKNOWN devices: A printer, an iPad and my iPhone. The iPhone is the only other device connected to the Deco network, in addition to the MacBook Pro (circled).


WHY does the Deco app have all this information when the devices aren't even connected to it? I know it can get the information, but since they're not on the Deco network why does it bother to display it?




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