Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)

Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)

Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)
Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)
2023-09-05 22:05:03 - last edited 2023-09-08 20:10:30
Model: Deco X55  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:


These latest Deco features are slowly being released to models, with the Deco X55 being set to be the first to receive the features from firmware 1.3.0 (Equivalent to 1.9.0 for others). Other Deco models will be updated at a later point. 

If you are still waiting for previous feature updates, it is possible that your model will be updated to this version instead. Ensure that you have already updated to the most recent firmware, as most models have received the previous updates at this point.

If you have received the 1.3.0 or 1.9.0 firmware, please feel free to provide your feedback and experience so that adjustments and optimizations can be made for your model and others. For now, please treat the announcement of these features as a preview of what is to come. We will update this page with additional information and examples as we see the features released.

Camera Security – Home and Local Only Modes

This setting helps you control the access that your devices have to the internet. The setting may be found under:

Security > Camera Security

There are two modes that may be set to help manage your cameras: Home Mode and Local Only Mode.

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Home Mode

Home Mode allows you to set a rule to control when or if the device will have access to the internet. On this screen, you can see the real-time traffic usage of the device, the offline/online status, and the historical traffic usage.

                Block for Today:  This Button will Allow You to Block the Device’s Access Until 12:00AM that night.

Block Schedule:  This allows you to create a schedule to operate on specific days of the week, such as weekends. During the set time, the device will be blocked from accessing the internet.

Block Upon Arrival: Allows you to create a rule where when a specific device (mobile phone) is connected to your Home Network, access to the internet will be blocked for the devices in the list.


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Local Only Mode

Local Only Mode allows you to create a list of devices that will not be able to access the internet unless the device is removed from the list of local-only devices or the “Local Only Mode” is turned off.

When adding cameras to this list, the cameras will be unable to connect to the internet and also cannot be controlled by their corresponding app through the internet. For example, a Tapo Camera added to the “local only” list of devices can only be controlled via the Tapo App while connected to the same network as the camera.

When in this list, apps attempting to access the camera through the internet will show the device as either offline or unavailable. This status will remain until the device is removed from the list, or the feature is toggled off.

Note: This is different from Device Isolation, as the devices are unable to talk to the internet but can still see and access the other devices on your network. Local Only Mode is similar to the Parental Control Feature and will use the device's MAC address to limit the device’s internet access. Devices are also not limited to cameras.


Captive Portal for Guest Network

A Captive Portal is a webpage displayed to users when they first connect to the network. The settings can be found under:

More > Guest Network > Advanced


You can set the enable status, authentication type, authentication validity time, and redirection page after successful authentication of this feature on this page. The portal may be customized on the login page.

Authentication Type: For Newly Connected Users, you may choose to have an added password or no extra authentication.

Time Limit: Set how long a device is allowed to remain connected after authentication. Afterward, the device must be reauthenticated with your network through the captive portal. The available lengths are: Always, 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 4 Hours, and 8 Hours.

Redirect: After successfully authenticating with the Captive Portal, you will be presented with a specific webpage.

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 Wi-Fi Access Control – Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Support Block List Mode (Blacklisting) and Allow List Mode (Whitelisting). These settings are found under:

More > Wi-Fi Access Control

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When in Allow List Mode, there are two sub-functions: Guest Network Exception and New Device Notification.

Guest Network Exception: The guest network of the Deco WILL NOT sync the allow list of the guest network with the rules with the primary network.

New Device Notification: A pop-up notification, such as the one in the screenshot below, will appear, indicating that a NEW device is requesting access to the network. On the Wi-Fi Access Control Page, you will be able to see a list of unprocessed requests and the devices in the allow list.

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 Matter Protocol Support – Setup Matter-Compatible Devices within Deco

We are also beginning to see initial support for the Matter Protocol and Deco, with matter compatibility being introduced to the IoT device feature on Deco. Devices that support the matter protocol can now be controlled from within the Deco app. The feature may be found under:

Network > Smart Home > Matter

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 *Currently, the Deco App may pair with smart bulbs, plugs, and switches that support the Matter Protocol.

Encrypted Default Wi-Fi for Setup Network

Deco models that are shipped with firmware version 1.9.0 or higher have a few changes made to their setup process and the default configuration network. These models will now broadcast an ENCRYPTED wireless network for setup (called Deco_XXXX). The login information to connect to the encrypted network will be printed on the Deco’s label.

Note: This feature will not be available to products with firmware installed prior to the delivery of the 1.9.0 firmware. For models that were not updated in the factory to 1.9.0 will have the same setup as before, and the label will not show a printed password.


TSS (TP-Link Simple Setup) Auto Discovery & Quick Configuration

Deco X55 V1 1.3.0 does not implement this feature.

Further changes were made to the setup process for future releases. Decos are now able to quickly discover nodes that support TSS(TP-Link Simple Setup) whether they are pre-networked in the factory or not. You will then be presented with corresponding prompts from the Deco App to confirm that the nodes should be added to your network – making your network setup and upgrades simpler and easier than ever.

Between Deco and IoT devices: Open up the internal protocol entrance with IoT to further speed up the process of discovery and configuration of Deco's IoT devices and reduce the complexity of configuration.


Let Us Know What You Think of the Latest Features Below!

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Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes, Home/Away Modes
2023-09-06 00:11:13

  @Riley_S Encrypted Default Wi-Fi for Setup Network is also part of the WiFi 7 protocol, along with DOH (DNS-Over-HTTPS) and DOT (DNS-Over-TLS), so how will these be added to TP-Link's current WiFi 7 Archer and Deco routers?  

Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes, Home/Away Modes
2023-09-08 19:09:33

  @Riley_S why isnt this 1.9 firmware avaialble in your downloads page?

Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes, Home/Away Modes
2023-09-08 20:17:21 - last edited 2023-09-21 00:31:33


The firmware with these features is only just beginning to be released and are not yet widely available. You will begin to see firmware with these features over the coming weeks. 


For your information, our team attempts to update the firmware pages each Friday. A few models are having their pages updated today, such as the X50 adding Matter Protocol Support through a smaller incremental update.

Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)
2023-09-17 16:30:59

  @Riley_S  I still have 1.1.0 but it is a disaster.


Device itself has so many problems and issues that the network slowness is just marginal. The SW in Deco cannot be trusted at all.


Sun Sep 17 09:52:49 2023 daemon.err client_mgmt: wireless client associate or disassociate.

Sun Sep 17 09:52:49 2023 daemon.err client_mgmt: client_mac:D0-27-02-A1-52-E6, client_ifname:ath01, client_action:associate

Sun Sep 17 09:52:49 2023 daemon.err client_mgmt: client(D0-27-02-A1-52-E6) assocaite by if(ath01).

Sun Sep 17 09:52:51 2023 daemon.err udhcpd[21961]: Sending ACK to

Sun Sep 17 09:52:51 2023 daemon.err udhcpd[21961]: clear ip 4544a8c0

Sun Sep 17 09:52:52 2023 daemon.notice nrd[2434]: estimatorPerformMeasurement: Do 11k measurement for 5E:36:D1:66:DC:94 on channel 5 from serving BSS APId 255 ChanId 5 ESSId 1

Sun Sep 17 09:52:52 2023 daemon.err nrd[2434]: wlanifBSteerEventsHandleBeaconReport: Can't find local reported BSS on band of channel 0 for BSS 00:00:00:00:00:00

Sun Sep 17 09:52:52 2023 daemon.err client_mgmt: can not parse json_obj

Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)
2023-09-18 18:29:43


What were you doing at the time these codes were being sent? Were you in the middle of accessing the system settings? If so, how were you doing so (wired, tether, webui?)

What behavior does this cause on your network? Is this causing decreased performance or disconnects?


What models make up your Deco Network? What firmware version are you using?


The second half of that is largely related to specifically BSS coloring between devices. What is strange is that it looks like it reports 00:00:00... when it should potentially be reporting the MAC address of another node or device. Are all of your satellite nodes maintaining their connection at this point?

Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)
2023-09-18 19:54:17

  @Riley_S I don't have to do anything. I clear up the logs and just watch and refresh the web page of the Deco device to see what comes in...


I have two X55 devices, originally connected via air gap, but it was not working well so I used those PowerLine devices. They found each other and seems working fine. Also app shows it's OK.

I expected this will stop showing the errors related to the roaming but error log is always the same.

I have a hw 1.2, FW 1.1.0  20230522 rel. 68968


Simple network - cable provider to Netgear modem, from there cable to Deco.

Some IoT devices (2.4GHz) connected vie eWelink or zigbee gateway, couple phones, tablets, computers, TV, washer and dryer, thermostat, garage door, cameras.

I do not use IoT network feature as I had not good experience with that. Instead, I use two Wifi networks, first 5GHz for devices only and 2nd is 2.4GHz configured as Guest network for those IoT devices which do not support 5G.


Fast Roaming, Beamforming tested all combinations, no effect.


it case decrease on performance, seems like lagging... refresh web page waits a little bit before it's refreshed. No disconnects observed.


application says Everything looks good.

both devices shows connected using Ethernet.


I used Guest network for 2,4 because I didn't believe the combination 5G and 2.4 will be fast enough for all devices. Optimization always says to me, disable guest network for security..

Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)
2023-09-27 01:06:05 - last edited 2023-09-27 01:07:10

  @Riley_S I am always nervous when a lot of new features are added to network firmware. Most important to me is if performance and stability has been improved. Is that the case with this firmware update? I have been through nightmarish updates from Netgear to their Orbi systems which is one of the reasons I switched to TP-Link. Now I see this massive update from 1.2.2 to 1.9 0 and getting nervous that I will have many new features I do not really need and decreased performance and instabilities added to my network. I do not have any expedience with TP-Link in this regard and my XE75 Pro's are working perfectly well now. Maybe I should not upgrade?

Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)
2023-09-27 22:37:25


We do always recommend taking advantage of the latest firmware updates so that you can have the latest security protections and features; however, you are correct in that it is very possible that bugs can be introduced with any software update. Our teams do work to fix any discovered bugs and release fixes as soon as possible so there is nothing wrong with waiting a short while before updating your firmware.


Based on the features introduced here, these are updates that generally increase the security of your network, whether it be by configuring a white or blacklist, encrypting the default setup Wi-Fi, allowing you to create a captive portal on your guest network.


Also, to clarify, while these features are from the 1.9.0 firmware platform, it will not necessarily actually be called 1.9.0 on your model - instead it will be 1.3.0, so it is not as large of a jump as it initially appears. keep in mind that we are still in the early stages of this firmware release and it will take time for each model to receive the update.

Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)
2023-10-01 17:25:52 - last edited 2023-10-01 18:10:04

  @Riley_S has there been any progress made in adding Wiregard VPN protocol to the flagship BE95/ deco router lineup?

Re:Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes (Coming Soon)
2023-10-10 02:11:22 - last edited 2023-10-10 02:20:26

  @wase4711  So why it is always about features? I want performance and stability. My Deco is my lifeline for work and play. I do not need more features. I need it to provide rock solid Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. All the time and always! Netgear Orbi couldn't. I'm hoping my TP-Link Deco network can! 


So when will we get that update anyway? 😎



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