What devices do I buy to accomplish this? Help!

What devices do I buy to accomplish this? Help!

What devices do I buy to accomplish this? Help!
What devices do I buy to accomplish this? Help!
2023-12-01 21:32:25
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Hello and thank you in advance for anything you can contribute! 



Assume that I have a low knowledge base of these products and details you provide are extremely appreciated. 

Assume I have no devices purchased except my ISP.

I would like almost all of the products to be from TP-Link if it makes sense in the setup I wish to achieve. 

I would primarily like help with just the network products and devices.  I don't necessarily need recommendations for the specific security cameras (you will read about them below) unless it would adjust my network purchases.  


My ISP: Starlink


My Property: A flat, almost perfectly square plot of land that is 40 acres large.  Assume that a light density of trees is scattered across the entire property.  I do NOT have line of sight unless I find a way to place devices above the trees, which could be feasible if the plan calls for it.  I have a very open mind.


Other Users: I don't anticipate other devices connecting to this network except for my wired TV in my home and a video game system.


My Budget:  I'm in the dark on how much to allocate, but I'd like to keep it under $5,000.  That also may be way too much.


Device Purchase Recomendations to create this network:

I am trying to setup 4 security camera hubs around my property.  Each security camera hub will have approximately 4 cameras.  There will be 1 hub at each generalized corner of my square property.  The security cameras will most likely be Arlo brand.  Each Hub will be solar powered along with whatever equipment I need to purchase to make them work.  I would like all the equipment to be at least WiFi 6 compliant unless that seems like overkill.


I was given advice on buying 5 Point-To-Multi-Point wireless bridges with one of them being in the center of my property and the other 4 near the corners which would be located at the security camera hub locations.  Words like omnidirectional, passive/active beamforming, and RF are currently on the learning curve for me.


Even just contributing a basic list or options of a list would be beneficial for me.  I can then take those lists and research the products and ask specific questions for follow-up if I'm unable to find the answers.  I understand that this may be incredibly easy for some of you, but this is a stretch for my mind.


Thank you!


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Re:What devices do I buy to accomplish this? Help!
2023-12-06 10:58:19



It would be better to post your help request in the Pharos Wireless Bridges (here) to get more response on that matter.

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