Protecting Your Accounts with Two Factor Authentication

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Protecting Your Account



As more and more technological devices are added to our households and with how many accounts we are creating every day to interact with these devices, we must be more careful with how we protect our devices and our accounts from third parties. At TP-Link we have always put user protection at the forefront of our development and that is why we already offer products, such as HomeShield and HomeCare; to protect your devices from intruders. Unfortunately, your devices are only as secure as the accounts that you use to sign in to manage the device.



First Layer of Defense


When it comes to your account, the first layer of defense against unauthorized users is your password. Having a strong password can deter and prevent some of the most common techniques for breaking into accounts. Everybody has already heard about the importance of creating a strong password, however there are many additional precautions or steps that can be taken to aid with this process. The easiest and most secure method, for most people, would be to use some kind of password manager. This will allow you to have secure access to any password in an instant and will even allow you to create complex passwords for you. Here is an image of what the password creation tool looks like with one of these managers ⇾ 


Password Security in the world of networking is even more important, as routers sold to consumers are often sent with a default password to access the management interface. I do not even want to imagine how many people in the world have never changed this away from the default. I am pretty sure that I have found an unsecured router at my grandparent'ts house that was operating that way for over a year. For this reason, it is essential that we inform others of potential security flaws in systems or of ways of increasing the security of our accounts.



How TP-Link Is Taking Steps to Protect Users


While we as a company can take precautions to protect the users, such as protecting our own systems and developing tools that allow users to protect their own systems; it eventually comes down to the user about whether they actually take advantage of the services that are offered by companies. The Kasa Smart platform recently released two-factor authentication for users, which can be used to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your account. This goes a step beyond any type of password that you come up with, as they will still be required to input a time-sensitive code that is sent to either another one of your devices or to your email. We are constantly looking for ways to improve consumer security, and there is our first step towards affording our users better protection. 

*Please Note that Two-Factor Authentication is Being Slowly Released to Users and May Not be Available on Your Account Yet



Come Join the Conversation Where We First Announced 2FA To Discuss the New Security Features Available: Announcing Two-Factor Authentication For The Kasa App



2FA is unavailable.


Sorry to not include this when I originally posted the story, only on the how-to. Two-Factor Authentication is slowly releasing to user accounts over the next few months. The app will not be required to be updated when the feature is released to your account, so it will be important to periodically check to see if it has become available on your account.


There are more detailed instructions about how to check if your account has the feature here: Enabling Two-Factor Authentication