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By cableghost 2023-04-11 19:53:49

Ethernet-connected devices continually disconnecting

Although my WIFI-connected devices are stable, my Ethernet-connected devices disconnect & reconnect almost immediately, a few times every day. Example is my PC, which I have connected to a X55 node vi
Forums/ Deco
By Riley_S 2023-03-09 19:48:26

Deco X50/X55 V1 1.2.0 with VPN/Static Route/MTU

Hey Everyone! We are excited to announce that the official firmware version 1.2.0 for the Deco X50 and X55 V1 was released last week. Many of our community's most anticipated features were added in th
Forums/ Deco
By cableghost 2023-03-09 15:34:23

Add option to Allow Security Scan alerts

An example of this is Port Forwarding... If we need port forwarding, then have an option to 'Allow' it and not have it come up in the next scan. Not sure how this may be addressed in Home Shield.
Forums/ Feature Request
By cableghost 2023-03-08 14:46:01

Option to hide IoT Network

Request to add the Hidden option to the new IoT network. The latest firmware update provided the ability to add a specific IoT network. However, no option to hide this network. With IoT devices to be
Forums/ Deco
By cableghost 2023-01-14 22:19:13

Cannot connect Kindle or HP Printer to Deco X20 network

SOLUTION: Returned the X20 and purchased the X55. Everything just worked w/ this model. I have about 30 devices connected to my network, however, I cannot get either my Kindle nor HP printer connected
Forums/ Adapters
By cableghost 2023-01-03 16:55:57

My Archer TX3000E no longer pairs new devices

Recently, the BT part of my adapter stopped pairing new devicesi.e., speaker, earbuds, phone. I'm left with a error message... "Couldn't connect. Try connecting again. I have... Removed all devices Co