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By IWTTPLSTB1 2022-02-18 18:43:04

Frustration over WPA2-PSK+AES

Router is set to WPA/WPA2-Personal(Recommended), Version WPA2-PSK, Encryption AES. Still getting the usual weaks security msgs from any Apple device connecting. No firmware upgrade avail. Professor Go
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By toddcodish 2022-02-17 20:48:46

Setting up a printer (wired; Brother MFC-7820N) with an Archer A6 router

Hi. I really don't want to waste you folks' time, but I am an older guy who is not that smart, but I am trying to connect my old Brother wired printer (2007 MFC-7820N) via Ethernet to my A6 and connec
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By jc97d 2022-02-17 16:05:43

Access Control Wouldn't Apply on Edge

Greetings! I tried blocking certain websites on my kid's laptop through Access Control. For some strange reason, I've found out that the Access Control entry which I've made could only be applied usin
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By betauser 2022-02-02 23:41:02

Archer AX50: DLNA issues when plugging a HDD via USB

Recently started using an external HDD, plugged in the USB port of my AX50 as a NAS... OK, all devices on the same network do see the TP-Share... I both write and read files thru my computers. But whe
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By MGBJAY 2022-02-15 22:06:44


OK ... I am certain that others have had this experience, but I have not seen it mentioned in these forums so far. I have changed my Default Gateway IP address to a 172.28.?.? network setting, which i
/ Wi-Fi Routers
By IrvSp 2022-02-10 01:08:27

Re:Strange behavior of Smart Connect and Auto channel selection

@MikeS21 Well, 'we' do not know the phones in question for one? Might have been connected to 2.4Ghz before even. Sometimes one has to FORGET the network to have it work possibly? Speaking of channels,