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By BillsDunk 2023-06-02 12:21:16

Deco XE75's lose internet connection after reboot

Hello, I am about my wits end with my 3 pack of Deco's. I purchased them from Amazon last October and they worked amazing until Feb when the problems began. I lost internet connection and after numero
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By DAServices 2023-06-06 19:29:51

Clients Online and Offline - Please make these numbers accurate.

The client count both online and offline are invalid. Manytimes I see a client accessing the iNTERNET VIA wI-fI, yet the list shows the client as offline. I also see clients that are connected but do
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By jmbnova 2023-02-11 15:25:03

82 clients - 50 to 53 show as "connected", others show as "not connected" yet appear to function

I have 82 clients but at any given time only 50 to 53 show as "connected" and the remainder show as "not connected" yet still communicate over the network. Connected clients randomly changes in the ra
Forums/ Feature Request
By DAServices 2023-03-17 13:50:09

Smart Home support for other major manufacturer hardware

Please look into adding support for other Smart Home devices, Plugs, switches, bulbs, etc., to the Smart Home function. It would be nice to have one central location in the router to manage and contro
Forums/ Feature Request
By DAServices 2023-03-17 13:45:06

ISP Speed Test option from Router in Deco App

I just recently upgraded my Deco mesh from an M5 to an XE75. I find that no longer having the option to directly test ISP speed from the router more than a bit irritating. Yes I can test the speed fro
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By 1j9o6e6 2023-02-26 03:23:04

Using a bridge with a deco mesh router system

I have an ax90 hooked into my internet then some m5 units to extend. One of the m5 units is connected to a bridge on the other side of the bridge is another AX 90. Can this be done? My deco network sa