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Forums/ Business Routers (Standalone)
By Aveamantium 2021-08-19 17:53:16

ER605 slow to respond on 1.1.1

Just curious if anyone else is having problems accessing their ER605 directly (not through the controller) after upgrading to 1.1.1? I noticed this when first upgrading to 1.1.0 and the problem dissap
Forums/ Range Extenders
By Leftkick_ 2021-02-07 10:46:39

Re450 weak security

Ver 3.4.24 (build 28) firmware up to date Router already set up to wpa2 aes Still showing weak security on iOS 14.4 Any way to get rid of it?
Forums/ SOHO Switches
By HellBent 2020-07-30 17:56:13

TL-SG108 Up-link only 100 Mbps

I use port 8 on the switch as the up-link port. It get's it's link from my SonicWALL. There is only a 0.5 feet CAT6 patch cable between and I have tried different cables and different ports on the Son
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By Romaray 2020-06-27 16:05:26

HS200 cycles continuously

Simple spst led bulb. 110mA load. When turned on, the switch continuously turns off and on. Factory reset does not work. Ideas?
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By gteagle 2020-07-01 17:19:11

HS210 3 way Switches NOT WORKING Properly

I have connected the both switches (HS210) . Then setup the app. However, after initial setup they work, then next day it doesn't. It is very confusing. I press the one of the 3 way switches I can hea
Forums/ Kasa Smart Bulbs
By HellBent 2020-07-08 21:11:33

KL110 Smart Bulb turns on after power outages

I recently replaced all my Phillips Hue Smart Bulbs because they kept coming on after a power outage. Phillips said they fixed that bug and you could update the bulb firmware from the app. I originall