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By oburgsc 2020-08-07 20:57:47

Why does a MODEM reset/reboot reset my Deco Network?

When my modem is reset/rebooted/loses power/etc, the Deco loses the network settings. My only solution has been to delete the network and rebuild from scratch. If thats not enough of a pain, I have to
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By Dave_M_ 2020-08-11 22:29:41

Deco M5 - Can I connect three units via ethernet?

I've been having trouble getting a reliable home wifi network. I live in a townhome that has concrete bones, so the wifi doesn't transfer well (i.e., at all) between levels. My home is hardwired thoug
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By bacevedo 2020-08-10 18:54:28

New M9+ Firmware Available

My Deco app is notifying me of a new firmware update available with version 1.4.2 20200725 Rel. 65637. It says "Improved stability, security and performance." There aren't any detailed release notes a