Questionable "Deco M9 Plus" Speed Tests

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Questionable "Deco M9 Plus" Speed Tests

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Questionable "Deco M9 Plus" Speed Tests
Questionable "Deco M9 Plus" Speed Tests
2019-01-20 17:21:44 - last edited 2019-01-20 17:32:16

Ok, so I have hooked up my new pair of Deco M9 Plus' in router mode.

I attached to my Arris TG862 - and disabled the Arris Wireless Network.

I have 100mbps service through NewWave cable.


The Deco M9's hooked up easily and I have one in the half-basement (tri-level house) with the Cable Modem and the other about 35 feet away - through 1 wall.  I get full bar coverage throughout my entire 2500 sqft home - perfect!


The Deco App tests the "Internet Speed" - the speed from the cable modem to the Deco units - it consistently reports 110 - 115 - perfect!

I consistently get "Ookla Speedtest" results of 25Mpbs download (one-fourth what it should be) - and 4-5 Mbps uploade (this is correct).

8 Devices connected

  • 2 Android Phones
  • 1 Windows 10 Laptop
  • 1 Cannon Printer
  • 1 Samsung TV
  • 1 Dishnetwork Hopper
  • 1 Chromecast
  • 1 Amazon Dot


Current Testing:

Deco App - 112.9Mbps Down - 4.0Mbps Up - Perfect!

Samsung Android Phone "Network Speed" (at the driver level) - 195Mbps  (Why is this so low?)

Dell Windows 10 Laptop "Network Speed" (at the driver level) 5gh channel 48 - 325Mbps (Shouldn't this be up to 433?)

No other device doing much of anything...


All of that seems OK - now lets go to and Google and measure actual throughput....

Samsung Android Phone -

  • Google - 25.2 Down????  2.99 Up 
  • Speedtest app - 47.7Mbps Down ??  3.39 Up

Dell Windows 10 Laptop

  • Google - 23.2Mbps Down
  • - 32Mbps - without moving the laptop...


Why is Google Speedtest consistently slower - and why are both speedtests under 100Mbps - without any activity from the other devices?

I really love the coverage that I have in my home now - but I want to understand the speed degradation???


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Re:Questionable "Deco M9 Plus" Speed Tests
2019-01-20 17:55:46
BTW - I have tried to turn off any Quality of Service (QoS) settings - and turned off the Anti-Virus - and it made no difference...
Re:Questionable "Deco M9 Plus" Speed Tests
2019-01-22 20:39:52

@GoSycamores With respect to your wireless devices that are utilizng the Mesh network are you seeing general slowdowns which caused you to test the speeds?


In reference to the link speed or network speed, the exact number will vary when connected, but it should not be a value that is very low such as 30 mbps.


When doing the Deco speed tests it is ran from the Deco device connected to the modem, when testing from a client device jumping through the mesh network it may give a inconsistant results.


If you were to connect a laptop or computer to the second LAN port on the main Deco unit what speeds do you get?

Re:Questionable "Deco M9 Plus" Speed Tests
2021-12-16 06:18:01

@GoSycamores I'm having identical issues with my new 3 units deco X60 all connected via ethernet backhaul. Speedtest on deco app shows full speed of 800Mbps. However, speedtest on other websites (Ookla,, google) all yielded only one quarter of my subscribed ISP package. Can TP link rectify this issue? because it causes confusion for us custormers.

Re:Questionable "Deco M9 Plus" Speed Tests
2021-12-17 06:15:24


Hi, Thank you very much for getting back to us.

Since the original post is very old, would you please start a new thread with the following information:

1. what is your network topology like?

ISP cable modem—main Deco X60---switch----satellite Deco 2 and 3?

2. Since the Deco APP is tested the speed between the main Deco and ISP modem when you run a speed test via other websites (Ookla,, google), they all measured the speed of the specific clients.

So I wonder on which device that you ran the speed test, connecting to 2.4ghz or 5ghz, even via Ethernet connection? from which Deco?

3. Did Deco work under wireless router mode?

--if yes, please check whether you have QoS enabled on the Deco App.

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