Kasa skill keeps dropping connection with amazon

Kasa skill keeps dropping connection with amazon
Kasa skill keeps dropping connection with amazon
2021-08-13 08:49:45
Model: KP303
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

So I recently purchased kp303 power strip for my parents (I have them in my own house), but I'm having trouble with the kasa skill. I have it all working via the kasa app and then linked both apps however the link between both keeps disconnecting (it can still be controlled via the kasa app, but that defeats purpose of being able to voice control via alexa)

Alexa keeps telling me after a while that we need to enable the skill which then asks to link.

I've also got tp tapo app for a few other single socket p100's which work perfectly.

Any help would be appreciated as not sure when I'll next be back at parents to resolve 

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Re:Kasa skill keeps dropping connection with amazon
2021-08-16 01:21:10

@8twp  Hello, 

Thank you for your feedback, may I know how often Alexa app will ask to enable Kasa skill and relink Kasa account again? 

When that happens, please make sure KASA device can be remotely controlled :  If turn off Wi-Fi on your cell phone and use mobile data only, can you turn On/ Off KASA devices on KASA app at that moment.

Ensure Kasa app and Kasa device firmware are both up to date.Also make sure Alexa app is up to date as well, if this still happens,
please help confirm information below to locate the issue 
1) Please send us a photo of the Error message or message suggesting enable skill on Alexa app 
2)Kasa APP & Alexa app version: 
Model & Android or IOS version of cell phone:

3) Please share the MAC address and Tp-link account (emai)to us via private message?

May I know does tapo device use the same tp-link account ?