KP200 is setting off light motion detector!

KP200 is setting off light motion detector!

KP200 is setting off light motion detector!
KP200 is setting off light motion detector!
2022-10-20 02:01:15 - last edited 2022-10-20 06:28:48
Model: KP200  
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@Solla-topee or anyone who has any thoughts:


I purchased two KP200's so far. After I installed them, I discovered that the top outlet functions really strangely for all but one of my devices:


Very strangely, whenever this motion activated light is plugged into the top outlet of either of these two KP200's, the outlet causes the motion sensor to be constantly activated. It's not a problem during the day, but at night, the light doesn't turn off automatically. I have a number of these lights around the house. I tried different lights across these two KP200, but still got the same result. 


When they are plugged into the bottom outlet, they turn off automatically. None of this makes sense to me. Is there something unique about the top outlet that continuously sets off the motion detector for this particular light? I unfortunately don't have any other brands of motion activate lights, so I can't take that part out of the equation. However, just based on my experience alone, it seems to suggest that the top and bottom outlets were not created equal.

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Re:KP200 is setting off light motion detector!
2022-10-21 02:08:28

Hello   @nedmiester 

Thank you for the feedback.

Confirm other home appliance work fine in the KP200 wall outlet ,

This is the first time we heard about the situation, while from your description,it is likely some incompatibility between the motion detector motion light and the smart wall outlet.

May I know the model of the motion triggered light, and have a link of it? You may share the link via PM if it can't be pasted here.  

You could also test the same light in a different outlet, or plug through a power strip and see if that makes any difference, if that works fine, I think you may need have to use the light in a common socket. 

It is recommended to also reach the motion triggered light support and see if they have any suggestion with it, thank you. 

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