Tapo Cameras New Motion Triggers

Tapo Cameras New Motion Triggers

Tapo Cameras New Motion Triggers
Tapo Cameras New Motion Triggers
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Tapo Cameras New Motion Triggers


Currently Applicable Models:  Tapo C310 V1 1.3.0 and later firmware , Tapo C210 V1 1.3.0 and later firmware , Tapo C320WS, Tapo C420






Have you seen the new smart action features added to your Tapo Cameras? The team has been pushing new firmware versions to select camera models that allow you to automate your Tapo Smart Plugs or Lights when a camera detects motion, or enable Privacy Mode for Multiple Cameras with one tap using Tapo's Automation Functions for Smart Actions and Scenes


  • Motion Detection Triggers for Smart Actions 

  • Privacy Mode Actions for Scheduling and Shortcuts 


Using the New Tapo Camera Motion Triggers 

The new motion trigger automations utilize the Tapo Cameras Motion Detection feature to control your other Tapo Devices, such as a bulb, light strip, or smart plug. It is now possible to create an even smarter house, without having to invest in individual sensors to accompany your cameras.


Triggers: When Motion is Detected by a Tapo camera 


  • Motion Detected 

  • Line-Crossing /Area Intrusion/Camera Tempering Detected 

  • Person Detection (for models that support AI Detection or cameras subscribed to Tapo care) 


Examples of Camera Motion-Triggered Automation scenarios: 


  • When the car drives in on the driveway, turn on the garage light. 

  • (Trigger: camera detects motion > Action: turn on a Tapo bulb) 


  • When someone comes back home, turn on the porch light for 5 mins. 

  • (Trigger: camera detects person > Action: run Shortcut > Shortcut: turns on Tapo smart bulb for 5 mins with ‘On’ duration settings) 


  • Turn the power on to the night light when the camera detects someone walking by at the night. 

  • (Trigger: camera detects motion/ person >Action: turn on smart plug) 


Visit here to check the full Tapo Device Trigger & Action list. 




Using the New Camera Actions 

Privacy Mode Shortcuts allows you to enable or disable Privacy mode for a camera or a group of cameras via a single tap. 

Actions: When a trigger happens, then execute the below actions 

Control a Tapo device: 

Turn on or turn off Tapo smart plug or bulb 
Set brightness or color temperature for Tapo bulb etc., 


Enable or Disable Privacy mode 

Active a Shortcut or Automation: Run another Shortcut or Automation event 

* Optional auto-off can be set up with 'On' duration settings in the Shortcut to turn off the Smart Plug, Bulb, or Switch certain minutes after it’s been turned on. Please refer to QA-Q4 below for details.  


 Examples of Camera Privacy Mode Shortcut scenarios: 

  • Schedule Privacy Mode  

    • Trigger: when at a specific time; Action: turn on privacy mode  

    • When you come back home, enable privacy mode for a batch of Tapo cameras with one tap  


  • With the help of an iOS Shortcut, when arriving home, enable privacy mode for cameras, when leaving home, disable privacy mode (*iOS device required)  

    • (Trigger: Location in IOS Shortcut > Action: turn on camera privacy Mode) 


Visit here to check the full Tapo Device Trigger & Action list. 





Q1. How many Automation and Shortcuts entries can I set up in the Tapo App?  


A1: In total 64 Automation and Shortcut rules you can set up in the Tapo APP. 


Q2. What are the Tapo cameras that support being used as a trigger in Tapo automation? When will other Tapo cameras support the motion-triggered smart action? 


Tapo Camera Models that have Implemented Smart Action:

  • Tapo C310 V1 1.3.0 and later firmware  

  • Tapo C210 V1 1.3.0 and later firmware  

  • Tapo C320WS   

  • Tapo C420 


Q3. Can I use ‘Motion Cleared’ (the camera does not detect a motion for a period of time) or other activities of cameras as the triggers for Tapo Camera? 

A3: No, only Tapo camera detection options like motion detection, line crossing, person detection, etc. can be set up as camera triggers in Tapo Automation. For other triggers or actions, you could start a feature request thread here for feature request collection and further evaluation. 


Q4. How to do an Auto OFF (turn on the device for a time period and then automatically turn it off) for my smart plug or plug when setting up Motion-Triggered automation?  

A4: When creating Shortcuts, select Tapo smart device as an action, when set up turn on/off the device, set up ‘On’ Duration there to turn on/off smart device for a certain period of time. 






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