HomeKit Device RoundUp

HomeKit Device RoundUp

HomeKit Device RoundUp
HomeKit Device RoundUp
2022-12-21 23:33:39 - last edited 2023-09-21 00:47:53
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HomeKit Device RoundUp

Updated 12/21/22 


At CES this last year, it was announced that TP-Link would be bringing a slew of new Apple HomeKit Supported Smart Devices to both the Kasa and Tapo lines. Just this month, there were three new HomeKit-Enabled devices released by Kasa. While the Tapo brand has just started to release flagship devices, there have already been three devices released, with more on the way soon.





bc4952a4472b4ca7b62ee6297bc6662eKP125 / EP25 - Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim with Energy Monitoring

Track and Manage Your Energy Use


Included Energy Monitoring

EP25 Sold as a 4-Pack



EP40A - Dual Outdoor Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Extend your Smart Home to the outdoors


IP64 Weatherproofing

Dual Smart Outlets with Separate Control

15A / 1875W for Heavy-Duty Appliances



KS200 - Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

Light Your Home is a Smarter Way


            Away Mode to Randomly Automate your Lights

            Easy Installation and Setup



KS220 – Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch

Dim and Control Your Lights from Wherever You Are

Maximum Load: 150W LED/300W Incandescent/150W CFL

Brightness Control for any Need

*Not for use with Smart Bulbs






L930-5, L930-10 – Tapo Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip, Multicolor

RGBWIC Lighting Controls with 50 Addressable Zones

PU Surface Coating to Protect LEDs

1000 Lumen White Light for General Lighting



Tapo P125 - Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug


            Space Saving Design

            Supports Higher Power Appliances




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