Have one plug/socket control other plugs/sockets


Have one plug/socket control other plugs/sockets

Have one plug/socket control other plugs/sockets
Have one plug/socket control other plugs/sockets
2023-01-17 03:30:55 - last edited 2023-01-18 07:17:17
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Model: EP10  
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When I turn on one EP10 or KP115 or socket in an EP40 or socket in an HS300), I want to turn on other EP10s or KP115 or sockets in EP40s or sockets in HS300s.


Contacted Tech Support, not useful so far.

Per Support, tried as Group, useless - the point is to do it at the plug, not in the app.

Per Support, tried as Scene, useless.since I can't TRIGGER the Scene.

Per Support, tried as Smart Actions, worse than useless - the only scenario is when a device is turned on, and then only to turn the SAME device off. (Huh!?!?!)

Tried using IFTTT. Didn't realize Kasa doesn't support Triggers, only Actions, in IFTTT.  What a glaring deficiency.

Escalated, but I'm not hopeful.


I don't want to set up Home Assistant or OpenHAB just for this.


Hoping someone here has an idea...


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Re:Have one plug/socket control other plugs/sockets
2023-01-18 17:35:11


I believe that you should have been able to do exactly what you are looking for through the smart actions feature of the app. The smart actions are not supposed to be limited to the device you are interacting with. If there is something that isn't working correctly with your smart actions, you may want to use a combination of the grouping feature and the smart actions feature. You could also trigger the scene that you have set up from the smart actions when the device turns on from the smart action configuration.


Many companies of began to phase out their support for IFTTT triggers as the cost placed on the companies to have triggers for their smart devices has grown to such an extent that it is no longer profitable to pay for the IFTTT integration. Your best bet for using a third-party service for controlling Kasa devices and creating automations would be the SmartThings app, as they are an official partner of TP-Link.

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