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The TP-Link Community Spotlight


Have you been receiving emails from the TP-Link Community over the past few months?


If not, we have begun to release the TP-Link Community Spotlight as our official newsletter summarizing any content about upcoming technologies, events, products, and features. We've recently discussed some of the newest technologies and systems being developed, such as Starlink, Wi-Fi 7, and More! If there is any content you would like to learn more about or think our team should focus on, let us know in the comments below!



If you would like to start (or stop) receiving the newsletter in your inbox, the setting can be found in your notification settings for users registered to our forum. To get to these settings:


(1) - Select Your Username in the Top Right,


(2) - Select Settings on the Left Sidebar,


(3) - Select the Notifications Settings Tab,


(4) - Choose your Preference under Subscription for the TP-Link Community Newsletter



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