Mixing adapters

Mixing adapters
Mixing adapters
2022-04-13 12:27:04
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I have 4 TP-7020P devices on my network, one connected to the router and another 3 in different rooms in the house - it all works fine.

I want to extend the network and purchased a TL-WPA4220P (AV600) extender which I hoped would extend the wi-fi into another room with 2 ethernet sockets as well.


I have followed the instructions for setting up and adding this unit but without success so far.

1) Plug the AV600 into a standard wall socket in the same room as the router and main TP-7020 - tick

2) Power off the remainign 3 TP-7020Ps - tick

3) Press 'pair' on the main TP-7020 for approx 1 second - tick

4) Press 'pair' on the new TP-4220 (AV600) - tick

5) Wait for the 'pairing' led on the TP4220 unit to stop flashing and stay on solid - tick

6) Turn on the remaing TP7020Ps and wait for them to rejoin the network - Fails, the powerline LEDs stay on RED.


Am I mixing the wrong units or am I missing a vital step somewhere?


All and any help and advice gratefully received



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Re:Mixing adapters
2022-04-18 08:17:44 - last edited 2022-04-18 08:22:09

  Hello @TrevorW8 

Thank you for the feedback, for best performance it is recommended to use the power line device of the same speed. 

How can I select the powerline device?

If it's a new AV600, I'd recommend consider exchanging AV600 to AV1000 to work with your existing AV1000 kit, you could check for model TL-WPA7510 which has a wired & Wi-Fi adapter(both adapters could work as wired extenders, TL- WPA7510 can work as Wi-Fi power line extender ) 

You could try a different wall socket for WPA4220, and refer to instruction here to check if any device could cause interference in the powerline circuit.  What can I do if my powerline rate is very low?

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