M7650 slow speeds

M7650 slow speeds

M7650 slow speeds
M7650 slow speeds
2023-01-22 22:21:08
Model: M7650  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.10 Build 220922 Rel.1029n



I recently purchased the TP-Link M7650 Mifi to use as a primary internet router for the next year or so.

So far I'm pretty disappointed with the speed as I seem to get better performance while using the SIM in an old android phone / tethering:


This is the speed I get on my PC:



These are the results I get on my phone:


Here's my configuration:




I also tried an Orange SIMcard and the speeds I get are worst on the M7650 ( top 12Mbps ) and somehow better on the iPhone ( ~170 Mbps ) so for me its pretty clear that the device is somehow bottlenecking although the advertised speeds should at least be better than the ~20 Mbps I get on it..


There's another thread "M7650 Slow Connection - Firmware Issue?" I went through thinking that you guys might have posted a solution.

Based on that thread I understand that you might be able to provide support / a better firmware.


Is there anything I could do to reach better speeds? 


Thanks in advance!


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Re:M7650 slow speeds
2023-01-24 20:04:21

Yeah, thought so...... Don't bother guys, I did a refund.

I'll think twice when I see "tp-link" tagged on anything, even if it's toilet paper.



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