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  • Introduction

EasyMesh is a standard certification launched by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which brings a standards-based approach to multiple AP networks. This kind of Mesh allows devices from multiple vendors to be onboard, configured, and able to communicate with each other to form Mesh Wi-Fi. 
This brings flexibility, enabling devices from different vendors to work together to increase capacity and effective throughput by forming a smart and adaptable network.


For the detailed introduction and usage scenarios, check this thread: What is EasyMesh and how does it work with TP-Link routers and extenders?


  • EasyMesh Related Threads/Guides

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General questions about EasyMesh

TP-Link EasyMesh Devices

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What If I Fail to Establish EasyMesh Network?
Ethernet Backhaul

Ethernet Backhaul Routers


Ethernet Backhaul Extender

Add Satellite Router via Ethernet Backhaul

Add Satellite Extender via Ethernet Backhaul


Note: Supporting EasyMesh doesn't mean supporting Ethernet Backhaul.


  • User Case Sharing


1. A user case on utilizing an EasyMesh main router in WDS mode: Use WDS and EasyMesh in satellite mode Together

2. A user case that EasMesh Ethernet Backhaul doesn't work when connecting via a specific switch: Ethernet backhaul dont work behind switch

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