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By LudsuC 2023-08-04 16:58:33

Ethernet Backhaul

Hello!, I bought a 3 pack Mercusys H50G and would like to set up the mesh using ethernet backhaul. My problem is eventhough the node is connected via LAN app shoes that node is connected to the main v
Forums/ General Discussion
By Westyy95 2024-01-07 12:47:50

How do I factory reset my device ?

Hey I'm just wondering about how I factory reset my device I know my tp link password just not the password I need to manage my devices if anyone could help would be amazing thank you
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Aaksz 2023-08-09 13:11:55

TP Link EasyMesh with Mercusys EasyMesh

Hi I have been using TP Link OneMesh between Archer C6 and OneMesh extender for almost two years now. However, with age my router malfunctions at times and I have decided to change it now. I am planni
Forums/ Surveillance
By CasualUser 2024-01-22 05:48:07

About to purchase NVR1008H and 4x Vigi 340

Before I press the Buy button, I wanted to know Do cameras auto-connect to NVR after powerfailure at PoE / NVR side completely automatically? I read on couple threads here and couple of reviews that t
Forums/ Switches
By RSCW 2024-01-08 19:54:38

SG2005P-PD where to enable POE injector mode?

Okay, I'm stumped. I can usually fumble through the settings to find what I need, but can't seem to find where/how to make the new 5 port switch utilize injector mode (I am used to the Unifi Flex sett
Forums/ Switches
By volfan 2023-12-11 00:43:46

Managing Second Tier Switch With OC200

Hello - first time poster. I have tried to find an answer to this question here, but haven't been able to see it. I have recently installed an Omada network with ER605 router, oc200 controller, both c