KC200 nightvision problem

KC200 nightvision problem
KC200 nightvision problem
2019-08-06 08:57:07
Model: KC200
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 2.2.19

Sorry if the English is bad (Sweden)


One of my 3 cameras nightvision sudenly fails. 


The infrared diods works but it dosent seem to switch to nightvision mode foor the optics. Just get black and wihite pictur but i get no gain from the diods.. So its really dark.


This occured last week and i havent get it to work. Tried to reset by the reset hole, ( Stupid as I was i first put a hole in the Mic hole) But the mic still works..  But i think i just shoot my self in the head or my wallet, if I need to RMA this camera, by punkture the mic plastic protection.. The only bad with this camera is to put 2 holes looking the same so close :)

After the reset the same problem stays.


Mayby I need to forgett the camera on Casa to get a factory reset. And then test it?


I bought them 1 month ago and are really satisfied with this cameras, my Dlink and Arlo cameras cant compete in the nightvision mode.


Annybode else had this problem?


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Re:KC200 nightvision problem
2019-08-06 09:56:01



Please ensure that the night vision has been turned on.


Still the same, try to turn it on and off for few times and make it turned on finally; and then verify whether it works well. 


Besides, you can try to shake the camera itself for few times to give it a shot.


Any updates, please let us know. 


Good day. 



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