Tapo C125: AI Home Security Camera

Tapo C125: AI Home Security Camera

Tapo C125: AI Home Security Camera
Tapo C125: AI Home Security Camera
2023-10-25 11:38:49 - last edited 2023-10-25 11:57:01

The Tapo C125 is one of the latest smart cameras from Tapo with an all-new form factor and advanced features. We look forward to seeing what everyone thinks of the camera and its latest features such as the Physical Privacy Shutter and HomeKit compatibility.



The front and back panel


The side panel



It’s suggested to refer to the Datasheet on the TP-Link official website to see the specification parameters of the Tapo C125.


Free up Your Hands --3rd Party Compatible (Homekit Supported)

Take command with voice control capabilities through popular third-party devices like Apple Homekit, Alexa, and Google Home, allowing you to effortlessly manage your Tapo C125 and enjoy true hands-free convenience.


Seamless Privacy Control

Use the button on the product shell or Tapo app to easily open or close the privacy shield, giving you complete control over your private moments.


Invisible Infrared Lights Option

If the red IR LEDs are a distraction, you can switch to invisible IR mode to monitor during the night without having the red IR indicator ideal for indoor scenarios with children and pets.

  • 850 nm Night Vision: visible red IR LED
  • 940 nm Night Vision: invisible red IR LED

140°Wide-Angle Coverage

140° wide-angle design provides you with a more viewable area so that you can always know what matters most to you.


2K QHD All Image Enhanced

Check the Al-enhanced high-fidelity images with Tapo C125, you can see more details even in a low-light environment.


Smart AI Detection and notification

Smart Al identifies people, pets, and vehicles while recognizing a baby crying and other sounds, notifying users as needed.


Magnetic Base with A Long Power Cord

Mounting the Tapo C125 is simple with a strong magnetic base that can be used to stick the camera in desired angles and locations. The long power cord provides adequate distance to plug in the camera to power.


Customizable Sound and Light Alarm

Record your own audio to use as an alarm and adjust the brightness to suit your preferences. Activate the built-in siren and light alarm to deter intruders.



You can refer to the User Guide and APP instructions to mount the camera.
Here we take the UG as an example, please refer to P13-P14 in the UG to learn how to mount the camera. 




Q1. How to enable/disable the Privacy Mode of C125?

Method 1: Just click the physical Privacy Mode button on the shell of the C125.
Method 2:  Switch the Privacy Mode through the Tapo App, please refer to FAQ 2791.


Q2. How long does the power cable to the Tapo C125?

The original power cable is 3 meters long.


Q3. How to switch off the IR LED on the Tapo app?

The IR LED turns on when the Tapo C125 goes into the Night mode, you can go to the camera’s Device Settings>Video & Display>Night Vision Distance page, and select Near option to turn it off.



Where to buy

The release condition can differ between countries and areas, and it is suggested to check if this model is available on the Tapo website or the local TP-Link website first. If so, search for ‘Tapo C125’ in the local stores or online shops.
For more information, visit the TP-Link website for Tapo C125.


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