Deco M9 plus set up

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Deco M9 plus set up
Deco M9 plus set up
2019-08-01 01:00:15 - last edited 2019-08-01 01:02:26
Model: Deco M9 Plus  
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Hello All,

 Been reading a lot of the threads on mesh systems and decided to go with Deco. However, Just recieved my system today & I have some questions.


 My current incoming drop is to a Arris TM822G voip modem to a SagecomFast 3965CV router in the basement. Both supplied from Internet provider.


1) Should i use my existing hardware and set up the first  Deco unit as an AP?  Or should I ditch the Sagecom Router and set up the Deco as a router? Pros and cons of  Deco Router vs AP set ups?

 I understand I will lose some features, such as Parental controls & AV, QOS. Those are currently not needed.


Either way, I plan on adding a Netgear Prosafe unmanaged GS108 switch.

2) Do I add the switch  before or after the Deco unit?


3) if I insatll from the existing hardware, will my mesh network take on my original SSID?


4) Either way of the set up (Router mode or AP mode) can / should I set up all Deco units in the same room  & then place them in the designated areas throughout my house?


5) Can i use a wired unit (on the 2nd floor) to a Netgear Prosafe unmanaged GS 105 swith and from the switch then wire it to a PC without any interference ?


6) i want to set up Ring camears (waiting for them) on a guest network to avoid any possible hacking to my home network. I also read its better for the cameras not to have access to the 5 GHz band. Will I be able to  set up a guest network if I use my existing hardware in AP modes? 

  I already read threads on not using fast roaming option with Ring cameras as a temporary fix for bricking & cameras not functioning properly.


Any other words of wisdom will be greatly apprciated. 


Thanks in advance








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Re:Deco M9 plus set up
2019-08-01 16:48:36



1. I would opt to have the Deco take the place of your existing router, and keep the Sagecom as a backup incase anything happens.


Pretty much what you mentioned about using AP in that a majority of the router features will not be available. If you want to keep your existing router, you can make the Deco an AP, but it would be recommended to disable the Wi-Fi on your router and let the Deco handle the wireless aspect.


2. The switch would go after the Deco that is wired to the modem.


3. Only the Decos themselves will be the mesh network so you can configure the Deco to have the same name and password of your existing network. When you set up the Deco for the first time you will put what you want the network name to be and password. If you keep your original router up having the wireless network on that enabled will cause issues, both with interference and drops from clients jumping back in forth.


4. Yes, once they are set up you would unplug them, and place them were you want to be. The device will power up and automatically connect.


5. That would work. Any Deco unit can be treated as if it was the router where you can attached wired devices or switches.


6. You are right about the fast roaming, that would be a feature to disable. As far as the guest network, you will be able to create one, and disable the 2.4GHz in AP mode.


One last note is that you can mix backhauls so you can have: modem <---wired (must be)---> Deco <---wired---> switch <---wired---> Deco 2 <--- wireless ---> Deco 3


Here is also a FAQ we have regarding Ethernet backhaul:

Re:Re:Deco M9 plus set up
2019-08-02 02:08:53

Thanks for the reply Tony.


So, you dont really see any benefits on keeping the router (wireless function off)  to the Deco? My concern is that I all the ports to the device plugged into hardware and have IP's for those devices.


This is the plan... make sense? You see any problems?


Basement (cable drop) -

modem  ----> router (possibly)  ---> deco---> switch (1)   

   from that switch (1)---> cat 5 to a 2nd switch (2) ----> to smart tv and to a Streaming device  (NVIDIA Shield)


also from switch 1 (basement)  ---->wired to 2nd floor


1st floor

Deco  (wireless)---->wired (cat5) to smart TV


2nd floor

Wired Deco (from basement switch 1) ---> wired (cat5) to  switch (3) with a cat5 to PC

Re:Deco M9 plus set up
2019-08-02 15:51:59 - last edited 2019-08-02 15:53:21


If you have existing configurations on your current router then it probably would be best to go with AP mode. That would give you the mesh coverage without having to do additional configurations with the Deco being the new main router.


Topology looks good.


Just as a side note, when setting up the Deco units initially it will be in router mode, but once you are all done go back in the Deco app and switch to AP mode.



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