Slow Ethernet speed via satellite Deco S4

Slow Ethernet speed via satellite Deco S4
Slow Ethernet speed via satellite Deco S4
2020-03-21 20:11:16 - last edited 2020-03-21 20:41:50
Model: Deco M4
Hardware Version:
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I just purchased the Deco S4 and I have it in the current configuration:

MODEM ---- ROUTER --- S4(1) in AP MODE

And then two S4's spread through the house wirelessly.

On one of the wireless S4's I plugged in a Network switch (tried Port 1 and 2 with same results) and then on that switch is a HP Server blade using 2 ethernet ports on the switch (one for LAN other for iLO)


The internet is working on this server, however when I do speedtest-cli , I only get 3.44Mbit/s, when before while running the same switch on a powerline adapter, was geting 100Mbit/s.

I even tried using the power line adapter to give this S4 an Ethernet backhaul, and it shows as such in the app, but the download speeds on the server are exactly the same as before.


I noticed that this S4, even though it's closer to a different S4 than the main one, still lists the main one as it's connection source.


What can I do to get better speeds? Ideally I'd like to disconnect the powerline adapters but right now the throughput via the S4 isn't enough to justify using it.



Edit: I put my phone right next to the server and did a run using wireless, and I am getting 200Mbps

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Re:Slow Ethernet speed via satellite Deco S4
2020-03-23 16:21:28



So wireless speeds of the S4 and wired powerline works fine, it is only if the HP is wired to the S4?

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