Archer A6 not delivering advertised ethernet port speed

Archer A6 not delivering advertised ethernet port speed

Archer A6 not delivering advertised ethernet port speed
Archer A6 not delivering advertised ethernet port speed
2022-06-27 02:26:19 - last edited 2022-06-27 03:59:05
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Model: Archer A6  
Hardware Version: V3
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I previously purchased a TP-WR940N (TPL-N450) router which advertised 450 Mbps speed just to find out the ethernet ports are set at 10/100 Mbps.  So a year later I decided to upgrade to the AC1200 (Archer A6) which has an advertised ethernet port speed of 1GBps (or 1000 MBps). So I understand with some of my older devices I may get 93-96 Mbps on the average with the A6 but my Xbox One S which has a Gigabit port, when I connect it to the A6 ethernet port I'm getting the same result as what I got with the N450, only 93-96 Mbps download speed tests. I also get similar results when I test with the wi-fi connection.  I'm trying to get at least 200 Mbps (or better) wired or wireless and I thought I'd get that with the Archer A6 but I'm getting the same results as my old router. I'm getting these results from the network speed test on the Xbox. So what am I missing here?


UPDATE: Well I did a little homework in this forum and on google so I tried the most basic thing suggested, change the cable. I switched to a Cat5e cable between the A6 router and the cable modem, as who knows what kind of cable was originally attached to my cable modem, and re-ran the speed test on my Xbox and lo and behold, I was getting at least 235 Mbps download speed and slightly over 10 Mbps on the upload.  I'm tempted the throttle the thresholds higher in the QoS settings (which the N450 didn't have) in the A6 to see what I'll get but I'll take this for now :)


So for the time being I'm a happy camper that the Archer A6 is an upgrade to my N450 which I only used a year, because kind of weird that the N450 would have wireless speeds of up to 300 Mbps which I never got on any of my devices, but the ethernet ports are set only to 10/100, but I shouldn't complain for the service I got for its value, and I'll probably use it as a signal extender or AP as it looks like I'll end up keeping the A6 if it holds up at least a year or longer as the N450 did, offering the same good value.

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I'm glad you were able to get everything working. If you look at some ethernet cables, the type of cable will actually be printed on the outer casing. 


As for why you were not getting your expected speeds with your N450, the N4550 is only capable of handling 450 Mbps and this is then split amongst the devices currently accessing the network. I can imagine that the Archer A6w is quite the upgrade for your connectivity, I hope you are enjoying it!


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