Deco M5 mesh not working well my Google Nest Thermostat

Deco M5 mesh not working well my Google Nest Thermostat
Deco M5 mesh not working well my Google Nest Thermostat
2022-06-27 09:38:57
Model: Deco M5  
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I have a trio of Deco M5 networks in "Router" modem, where the "main" Deco unit is connected by Ethernet to my (Virgin Media Hub) in "Modem mode".


I am experiencing intermittent drop-outs during a given day, but this is MOST noticeable with my Google Nest Thermostat (+ Google Nest Heatlink) devices, where they CONTINUALLY drop connection to the network (up to 10 times a day). I have to manually select "Check again" on the Google Nest Thermostat device for it to reconnect.


Similarly, I cannot control my heating from my phone anymore.


It WAS working perfectly up until 2 weeks ago, where I had a power cut and had to do a factory reset of my "Modem" (router/modem).


Briefly, my settings are as follows:

UPnP is enabled via the Deco app

IPv4 is set to "Dynamic IP" via the Deco app

IPv6 is set to "Disabled" via the Deco app

Fast Roaming is set to "Disabled" via the Deco app


This is REALLY frustrating so I'd be grateful to anyone who can help out :).





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Re:Deco M5 mesh not working well my Google Nest Thermostat
2022-06-29 01:53:20


Thanks for the feedback.

I would like to forward your case to the senior engineers later and at the same time, could you please help me check the following information:

1.  Please also disable "Mesh Technology" on the Deco APP for Google Nest devices.

2. When you are available, please help me run a simple test:

--- Enable guest network for 2.4ghz only with a different SSID.

----Please move several Google Nest devices to the guest network and test that they are more stable on the guest network.

3. Previously I see you mentioned the VM Hub is on the "bridge modem" mode, after a factory reset of the VM Hub, do you put it back to the "modem mode"?


Thank you very much.

Best regards.


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