Deco X20 Slow Wifi Connection Speeds

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Deco X20 Slow Wifi Connection Speeds

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Deco X20 Slow Wifi Connection Speeds
Deco X20 Slow Wifi Connection Speeds
2022-07-18 03:41:53 - last edited 2022-07-18 22:30:05
Model: Deco X20  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.0.2

I have some strangeness going on with my new Deco X20 mesh system ... hoping someone from TP-Link can provide some guidance.

I have several devices in the home that are not reaching the speeds that the Deco claims to provide.

Here is my setup:

CenturyLink Fiber - 940/940 Rated Line Speed (Default CenturyLink router is C4000XG)

Higher End PFSense Hardware Firewall - Dedicated hardware. (4 x Intel NICs, 8GB of RAM, Pentium N3700 cpu, 128GB M.2 SSD)

Deco X20 3 Pack in AP mode.

2 Story Townhome - 1800 Square Feet. Drywall/Plywood between APs.

Probably 25 devices connected at any given moment. TVs, Thermostat, Cameras, Laptops, Phones etc.

No Ethernet Backhaul

Congestion on both bands is average and doesn't impede connections to other routers.



2020 Macbook Pro / Connects to default Centurylink Router wirelessly on 5ghz at 1167mbps with download speeds above 600mbps from major speed test sites.

After installing the Deco, the Macbook will not connect to any Deco AP on 5ghz at more than 866mpbs. Even when connected on 5ghz at 866mbps, download speeds hover around 250mbps from all the major speed test sites. When I connect the Macbook to the main Deco X20 via ethernet, my download speeds are at or very near my rated line speed of 940/940 This eliminates the PFSense box as a cause. When I hardwire into the PFSense box I also hit rated line speeds.

If I connect the Macbook via ethernet to one of the satellite Deco's, I get somewhere around 650mbps downloads.


I also have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra that exhibits similar behavior. Connects to the Deco at no higher than 866 and downloads from major speed test sites at around 250-300mbps. Connects to CenturyLink router wireless at 1200mbps and download above 600mpbs from major speed test sites.


This is not an enormous space ... it doesn't matter where I place the APs or how near I am to the APs the Macbook and the S21 Ultra will not connect to Deco Aps at anything over 866mbps and download speeds are horrible. This is not an issue when removing the Decos from the configuration and strictly using the CenturyLink router wireless. The phone connects to the CenturyLink Router at 1200mbps and download speeds from major speed test sites are 650-750mpbs.


This is not a huge space ... I do not understand why these newer wifi6 capable devices, which connect to other routers at 1167, 1200 or 1300mbps without issue, cannot connect to the Deco system at more than 866mbps. And the download speeds when connected at 866mpbs are roughly a quarter of that speed.


Hoping you can provide some ideas.





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Re:Deco X20 Slow Wifi Connection Speeds
2022-07-18 22:56:39


When moving from one router to a mesh system, speeds such as yours are common and are a result of the different steps,or links, in the network that the data must travel through. If you disconnect the mesh nodes from the network, do the download speeds remain the same on wireless? Meaning is the main Deco Unit being provided the same speeds as your century link modem?


While your devices are able to connect to the network at the listed speeds, they are limited by the amount of traffic that can be sent through the wireless networks connecting the devices, this is why the best mesh setups include the use of a wired backhaul. This is the absolute end-all-be-all solution, and I cannot recommend it enough, as it will provide a much smoother experience, especially when dealing with faster speeds and data caps. This ensures that all of your nodes are receiving the maximum speed and are being given a direct line into the main network.


Something that would be worth testing to ensure that this would improve your experience would be to try and see if the speeds are increased if you move a second node to the main router and set up a wired backhaul between the two. You would then be able to see the speeds achieved through both a wired connection and a wireless connection. 


Another thing, as you seem to be switching between networks and routers. If you have the CenturyLink router in the network at the same time as the deco units, it is important to disable the wifi functionalities on the original router, as this can cause potential issues such as double NAT, which may degrade your connection quality.

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