New Forum Tag and Filter System

New Forum Tag and Filter System

New Forum Tag and Filter System
New Forum Tag and Filter System
2022-07-27 18:33:24
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New Forum Features: Tags and Filters



There Was a New Feature Added to the Community Forums


Have You Found It Yet?




When creating new threads, Users can now add Tags to threads they created! Users also now have the option of creating one custom tag, indicating that they believe that a tag should be created in the future. We will be making changes to the tags over time, so please let us know what tags would be useful for you and what tags you may never use.




Post Filtering:


These tags are also now searchable on the left side of the forum in the sidebar. We hope this feature will either help users find the answers they were looking for or find engaging conversations and topics easily.




Feedback and Next Steps:


TP-Link is always looking for your feedback. If you have any feedback regarding the New Tag Feature and how it affects your experience. Please leave a comment below with your recommendation.


Correctly using the tags and adding them to your posts will allow users to better assist others and increase the quality of navigation on the forum. I look forward to seeing all the tags appear on new posts in the future!



Please keep in mind that using the filters will only return threads that have been created since the feature launched and in which users added tags.I will be working the future to add these tags to existing posts for ease of use.




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