Thermostat & controller won't log on

Thermostat & controller won't log on

Thermostat & controller won't log on
Thermostat & controller won't log on
2022-08-16 23:29:15
Model: Deco X55  
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I've just installed a 3 piece Deco X55 to replace my dying router. It's connected to a cable modem that is acting as the router. The Deco system is set in WAP mode. 


I have a Honeywell thermostate and a controller tied to my power system that will not log on to the network. Other devices that are 2.4ghz are connecting. 


The controller's tech support says they do not support mesh networks so I need another solution. I have a Netgear X4S extender and a Synology MR2200 router/wap available from past networks, neither of which I could get to work beside or with the Decos. 


I need to know how to connect an "adapter" to my network so these two devices will work. Or, alternately, how to set my network so they will be able to connect.







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Re:Thermostat & controller won't log on
2022-08-17 02:41:13


Hi, I see Netgear X4S extender and a Synology MR2200 are also Mesh range extenders/routers, and actually, I don't think it is accurate that Honeywell thermostat controllers do not support Mesh. Some smart home devices might only support 2.4ghz and could still work with Mesh network.

Later when you are available, maybe you could help me run a simple test:

1. turn off the 5ghz on the main network.

2. make sure the wireless security is WPA2-AES, not WPA3.

3. turn off the fast roaming under Deco APP>More>Advanced.

4. disconnect and connect to the Wi-Fi of Deco X55 again and start the setup one more time.


Thank you very much.

Best regards.


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