AX6000 - 5ghz constantly dropping wifi

AX6000 - 5ghz constantly dropping wifi

AX6000 - 5ghz constantly dropping wifi
AX6000 - 5ghz constantly dropping wifi
2022-08-23 13:31:50 - last edited 2022-08-23 13:35:28
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Model: Archer AX6000  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.4 Build 20210719 rel. 12163

Hello all,


I've been troubleshooting an issue with my new AX6000 router.  I recently updated from an Archer C5400 about a month ago, and also use an RE315 extender in my network.  Less than a week after I installed the AX6000, I noticed that at first my internet was losing connectivity.  That was taken care of with a new cat6 cable from my fiber modem to the router (could have just been the RJ45 connection, but I had a spare cable so I used it).


A week later then I noticed that anything on the 5Ghz SSID was getting booted off (this included any iOS device, windows laptops, and PS4).  The WIFI SSID would still display, but when trying to connect (this is with an iOS device) the message "Unable to join the network {SSID}" would show, until I waited about 10 min, or just rebooted the router.  Then at times when you get kicked off, the SSID would disappear from the list of available networks, then come back. 


It took a lot of troubleshooting steps to get to this point, but so far below is what I have done:


  1. Confirmed that wired devices do not have loss of connection to network when wireless devices stop working
  2. Latest Firmware installed
  3. Disabled OneMesh
  4. Disabled Smart Connect (now have separate SSID's for 2.4 and 5)
  5. Ran a wifi analyzer app with my laptop to look at neighbors wifi channels (manually set 5Ghz channels to avoid conflicts with neighbors)
  6. Setup the RE315 with static IP address based on MAC address
  7. Then unplugged RE315 entirely
  8. Reset the AX6000 back to default and setup from scratch


I can stay hooked up to the 2.4 band and there are no issues.  The 5Ghz disconnects are happening daily.  Sometimes they go away on their own and stablize, or I will reboot the router and it will be fine for another day or so.


I've had this router for about 30 days.  My next step is to return to Amazon for a replacement, or if this is any indication of problems with this model, I will choose another.


So I'm looking for any suggestions as a last ditch effort to test.  (I sitll have my C5400 boxed up, I may plug that back in for now).  That's another odd point to make, I upgraded from the C5400 only because it seemed to be dropping wifi intermittently.  I now wonder if something in my environment changed, but I can't think of any new interference that would be created.  I have not installed any new appliances, etc near the router, or in the house.  Hell, maybe it's the solar flares.... :) 


Any help would be appreciated!




(Edit - One thing I have not tried is turning off Home Care.  The QoS is set to Standard, and I am not using Parental Controls)

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Re:AX6000 - 5ghz constantly dropping wifi
2022-08-24 02:47:34



Thank you very much for providing very detailed info about the 5G issue you are experiencing with the AX6000. 


To assist and figure it out efficiently, I've forwarded your case to the TP-Link support engineers who will contact you with your registered email address later. Please pay attention to your email box for follow-up. Thank you.

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