Connect Samsung EVO 4TB to UH700

Connect Samsung EVO 4TB to UH700

Connect Samsung EVO 4TB to UH700
Connect Samsung EVO 4TB to UH700
2022-11-13 13:32:30
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I am creating music and have lots of instrument libraries and these libraries are loaded in RAM when i load them in my music software.

I have several SSD disks from Samsung (EVO 4TB) with my instruments libraries and I would like be able to connect these disks to an USB Hub.


Will I be able to use the UH700 for this purpose?

Other devices must not disconnect when I connect or disconnect a SSD disk


Suggestions for other solutions are welcome :-)


Kin regards GDreams

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Re:Connect Samsung EVO 4TB to UH700
2022-11-14 20:20:38


I would imagine that this would be the exact use of this device. Something to note, the UH700 is listed as being End of Life on the product page, and has since been replaced by the UH720, which looks much more powerful and will continue receiving updates and support if need be.


The only situation I can really foresee is if you are using the full 5Gbps bandwidth on the device the devices may have to prioritize to accommodate the new device. However, I still don't think this would cause any sort of disconnect.


While it is more common for HDDs, it may be worth looking into RAID setups and enclosures since you have multiple drives. this would make it far easier to both manage and protect from failure and data loss. Most RAID setups allow you to either direct USB connect for the best connection, or to connect your drives to your network so that they can be accessed from anywhere on your local network, and if you wanted to, on the internet.

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